Never Mind. She Rode the Bus

PHS first day 005 During the last-night-before-high-school, we're-finishing-our-summer-reading-essays flurry of Facebook postings, LP discovered that middle school friends were going to take the city bus this morning. So she left the house in high school attire at 6:56 a.m., carrying her brother's hand-me-down Jack Bauer messenger bag and lunch and her schedule and her summer reading homework and $1.25 for the bus. Later today she'll get a pass that allows her to ride it for 50 cents.

We believe after further investigation that there is a school bus she could get, but in our neighborhood, we are the last stop of the bus from the outer ring of City By the Sea, which has its drawbacks. Thus the desire of kids in our neighborhood to get the Metro instead.

Downtown High School operates on an AB schedule, which means they have four double blocks a day and classes meet every other day. #1 Son loved this schedule. Today they run through the whole thing to be sure they know their way around. Downtown High School is a city block long and almost a city block deep, and as the principal told us last night, on this first day at any given time, out of 210 freshmen, 200 will be lost! But they have the building to themselves today, and they will learn the lay of the land.

She's going to look for the school bus to come home. Wish her luck!

10 thoughts on “Never Mind. She Rode the Bus”

  1. Just went through this last week. Reedy Girl has made it to most of her classes on time (by day 3) but says there is a “disappearing staircase” for getting to the cafeteria. Half the time she can find it, and half the time, she can’t.
    I’d post pictures but my lovely girl has suddenly become camera-shy…
    Happy trails, LP!

  2. Hurrah for public transportation! And hope the beginning of high school is wonderful.
    I’m feeling a little nostalgic for the Kid’s first day of high school four years ago, which seems like only yesterday.

  3. Glad she figured it out. It helps, when the kids come to a consensus that riding the bus is okay.

  4. Big day! She looks lovely and excited. That school sounds huge. How many students? I think the girls’ has 2000. So I guess it’s pretty huge.
    Here all high school students ride public buses for free, and school buses only go to the places that public buses don’t have routes. Mallory has ridden it for the last two years. This year (she is a senior) we’re letting her drive, because of after-school commitments.

  5. Something about her expression or stance in that photo makes her look like Songbird’s clone. Does she really look a lot like you did at that age, Songbird?

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