Do we look alike?

La Reina wondered in the comments if LP looks like me at her age. I scanned a picture taken of me just before 9th grade. We have a range of opinions here at home, from yes to no to in between. LP does note that my not-yet-adjusted teeth look just like hers before braces. We wore them later in those days.

What do you think?

Martha 1974

19 thoughts on “Do we look alike?”

  1. He ISN’T!? Oh, I guess he couldn’t be in college if he was…sigh.
    Beautiful. Lucy looks just like you and also just like herself. That’s that magic part.

  2. See? I’m not crazy. Okay, so I’ve said many times that when Martin Yan (Can Cook) grins he looks like Bab Marley (minus the dreads) in mid-song. That one might seem a bit out there, but not Songbird and LP.
    You might not be mother-daughter twins, but there is a strong resemblance. Luckily you’re both cute!

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