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And Away He Goes

Today we took Snowman to Beantown Conservatory. It's different to take the second child to college, and it's especially different when that child has been away for two years at a much greater distance, but it's a big day just the same, especially for him.

Naturally, we took pictures.

NEC 011 

We traveled across state lines with Light Princess and the The Father of My Children, unloaded things into the dorm room and marveled at the size compared with his room at Land o'Lakes.

I made the bed. That's my job when I take them away to a new school. It may never be made again, but it's made when I leave the room behind.

Snowman's friend since birth, J-Bass, arrived the night before and gave advice about where to find things. We made a quick run to the drug store for some needed toiletries, getting a sense of the neighborhood.

Then we went to a concert by returning students in beautiful Jordan Hall.

NEC 012

We had dinner at a Thai restaurant with J-Bass, and then it was time to leave them behind, to begin their work, to take their first steps on the grown-up journey.

They look happy, don't they?

NEC 018

23 thoughts on “And Away He Goes”

  1. I do the same thing! Make the bed, I mean.
    It’s such a mix of feelings, isn’t it? Sad and yet exciting.

  2. Yes, they do look happy… It’s awesome that he’s in a place where he’s excited and ready to hit the books.
    The Johnnie was the same way. She was deliriously excited. Found another harpist (albeit a pedal not Celtic), another lover of Shakespeare, did a couple of fencing bouts and started Greek… all within 24 hours of our leaving.
    P.S. I made her bed, too…

  3. They do look happy. Hope it’s a great year!
    The Kid goes next Sunday. We’ll see what it’s like to leave the LAST one at college.

  4. What? I have to make his bed? I don’t make it now…
    He does look happy. Good luck to him!

  5. Blessings to Snowman… a great school in a great city for a very talented young man. You must be so proud. Yet, it’s hard. Of course.

  6. I had to LOL about the bed making part. When I went away to school my freshman year, my mom made my bed.
    Later at a freshmen mixer, one of the other girls looked at us and said, “Did anybody’s mom make their bed for them?” Everyone in the group said, ‘Yes.” Is a Mom thing and apparently has some strong linkeage to material instincts, leaving the nest and helping to be certain there will be another nest.
    That is my analogy, free of charge!

  7. Both boys look very happy! Boston is such a great college town too. Younger son went to Emerson and thoroughly loved the atmosphere there.

  8. How bittersweet! They do look ready to take on the world. :c) (And can I just say that LP has really grown up a good bit since we last saw her up close? She looks like her beautiful mommy.)

  9. How wonderful to have such a gift and the opportunity to study it in depth. Congratulations to all of you.

  10. I’m a college dorm bed maker, too. Snowman looks very happy. May these days go well for you, too, Mother Songbird.

  11. Snowman’s sideways smile is charming. May he be so immersed in music this school year that he becomes the music.
    And Light Princess appears to be very nearly your twin sisterjust a generation younger than you.

  12. So very close to Beantown U., where I enjoyed four years of happy visits. I miss Beantown, in fact, now that I have no particular reason to go there. We liked eating at The Elephant Walk, which is not too far away. They do look happy, and I can’t wait until he performs someplace where I can go hear him!

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