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I'm having a busy week. I do have thoughts of my own, but no time to let them unspool in writing.

Meanwhile, here are posts by three more bloggers I "met" via Twitter:

Christina pastors in the world I left behind, brushing up against more theological difference than I tend to confront in my world, and this post shares some of the feelings that arouses.

Kristin clues me in to something I had no idea was going on, the case being made for early marriage. (She's not for it.) As I told Kristin via email, I don't tend to wade into comment discussions with such a theologically wide range of commenters, but this time I did.

And on a completely different kind of conservative/liberal argument, Don Heatley writes about church buildings. (You know this gal can't resist a Star Trek reference, right?)

I went around and around about the value of Twitter, but I'm glad for the new voices in my life discovered in those 140 character updates.

3 thoughts on “More Link Love”

  1. very interesting…..I got bogged down in the marriage one, but who knew this was a debate? thanks for the insight…

  2. Wonderful links. Don Heatley’s post elicited all-too-knowing laughter here. I love his “challenging, not charming” view of what the church ought to be.
    Right now, I’m sharply aware of how the things we regard as reliable (physical buildings, material possessions) are actually the least reliable, the easiest to lose in an instant. So much better to work at laying the foundations and framing up the structures of the Spirit.

  3. I was just wondering if you were on a Twitter-cation this week…I’ve missed seeing you around there. Hope you aren’t gone for good!
    Also hope your week is giving you at least a little bit of time to relax and rejuvenate as well 🙂

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