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Six months later

Rhododendron 001 For the first time since last Christmas we are all together; Snowman came home Friday, and #1 Son arrived last night. Today, six months to the day after her death, we buried Molly's ashes in the backyard. We planted a rhododendron above them, in a partly sunny, partly shady corner of the yard, just under the kitchen window.

The blossoms will be white.

We thought a long time about what to do. Scatter the ashes? Bury them in the woods where she liked to romp? I wanted her to be at home, which led to a discussion about the proper place and what to plant.

On the way home from the plant nursery, LP said, "Now you will never want to move."

And really, I don't.

But when that day comes, as it certainly might, we will know she became part of the earth in one of her happiest places, enjoyed in snow and sunshine. In the spring she seemed to smell the roots waking up and would dig around the hydrangea to find them. In all seasons she tucked up under her favorite forsythia. And on a sunny day you could find her around the corner, seeking the shade beneath the kitchen window.

Today we remember her spirit and her charm and her naughtiness and her love.

Thank you, Molly, for being part of our family.

Princess Pretty Paws

20 thoughts on “Six months later”

  1. You’ve made me cry! I hope Molly has met up with our Rose (who died in January). They would have fun romping together.

  2. I shared with my workerbee in the office and she commented, upon seeing Molly’s photograph, “What a happy face she has!” To which I replied, “She is a happy face!” I didn’t know Molly long, but I loved her well for the time I did get to share her! I so loved this piece!

  3. What a precious blessing God gives us in the furry, feathery companions entrusted to us! What a beautiful tribute you’ve shared with us here. Love to you and all who cherish Molly’s memory.

  4. Songbird, we have a “cat garden” which has three faithful ones buried there. There’s a little stone statue of a kitty looking up at the trees. I will always have a part of my heart there. Molly and her golden tail are a cherished story.

  5. What a lovely tribute. Thank you for sharing this with us and for including her beautiful picture.

  6. We still do not know what to do with our beloved Tan-Tan’s ashes. Perhaps when WG comes home we will decide.

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