Friday Five

Wind in My Sails Friday Five

As posted by Sally, whose passion is sailing, at RevGalBlogPals:

1. Is there a sport/ hobby that is more of a passion than a past-time for you?

For me, that's knitting. I think about it a lot. I find it both creative and meditative. I look for yarn stores wherever I travel as surely as my hiker husband looks for mountain peaks that call to him.

2. Outdoors or indoors?

Knitting is more of an indoor sport, though I have certainly done it outdoors when the occasion warrants.

3. Where do you find peace and quiet?

Knitting something simple with really beautiful yarn can bring a sense of complete and rhythmic peace.

My other delight is being outside with Sam (and Molly when she was with us), especially in the snow. Sam and I have a favorite park, and being with him there in a snowstorm is one of my most peaceful and magical memories.

4. A competitive spirit; good or bad, discuss…

Well, I have one, but it can misdirect me at times. Most of the things I do are not about competition with anyone but myself, and the measurement is about the outcome as opposed to the speed or strength, at least where knitting is concerned. I think what I love most about knitting is taking something simple and making it flower into something useful. You can do a lot with sticks and string!

5. Is there a song a picture or a poem that sums up your passion?

Blanket for Ruth's baby

Blanket detail 2

This is a blanket I made for a friend's baby. I made up the pattern based on dishcloth squares. I loved making it and loved the way it turned out, despite the weaving in of a million ends. The whole process, from picking the yarn to choosing the pattern to knitting the project to weaving in the ends and finishing feels like writing a poem. I'm almost finished with a different baby blanket and feeling the same way. Pictures to follow when the time is right.

11 thoughts on “Wind in My Sails Friday Five”

  1. The blanket is beautiful!
    In a recent sermon (with the text of Jesus feeding the 5000), I talked about how something can be transformed into something greater when we turn it over to God’s hands, when we use what doesn’t look like much for God’s purposes. I held up yarn and knitting needles and then a prayer shawl. The yarn and needs alone don’t look like much until you do something with them. It sounds like when you knit, you are being God’s hands and whatever you make will surround others with love.

  2. Lovely blanket–clever to incorporate the potholder design! Looking forward to seeing the next project.

  3. I’m so glad to see this picture again…it’s truly gorgeous. Looking forward to the log cabin also.

  4. What an absolutely gorgeous blanket!!
    Knitting feeds a hunger in me. It allows me to be creative, even when I follow a pattern. It’s incredibly meditative at times, and at other times is extremely challenging as I attempt to master a new technique or decipher a pattern. While I definitely enjoy the product, whether it is a gift for someone or something for myself, I’ve decided it’s the process that is important to me.
    I’ve worked more than one issue out within myself as I’ve knitted away . . . and there are many possible spiritual metaphors!

  5. What a beautiful blanket! This should be as practical and comfy as it is lovely. Small portable knitting that “comes to something” is not all that easy to find. Thank you.

  6. Wanda, one thing that made it easier is doing the blanket in five strips. At the top of each square, I simply changed colors and started the next square. This meant I had only the long seams to do later.

  7. The rug is beautiful! Do you have the butterfly pattern – I love butterflies, they are such a terrific metaphor for God’s remaking of our lives?

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