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Sam Makes a Friend

In a triumph of canine social networking, Sam met a new friend yesterday, Gus. We invited him to play at our favorite park, Greyberry Woods.

Sam and Gus 007 

Gus, on the left, is 17 months old. He is full of beans, but in this picture, he is exhausted. Sam, who is going on 6-and-a-half, is more of a gentleman dog these days. He enjoyed meeting Gus and really liked Mama of Gus, who was carrying little treats with her. As he used to do with Molly, he quickly stood between Gus and other dogs, in case of trouble or in case of too much fun.

Sam is a bit of a Sheriff. 

We hope to play with Gus again. I knew Gus's canine grandpa, a very handsome and well-mannered dog who was a champion Bernese, Flash. I had the honor of hanging on to Flash at a dog show while his owner/breeder took another dog into the ring. Flash was then about the same age Gus is now. Like Molly, Flash has gone to the Rainbow Bridge. Their time with us is far too short.

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