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Overnight By Bus


Snowman spent the night riding a bus from Land o'Lakes to Music City, to visit Plain2See, his harpist girlfriend.When I suggested that Snowman might be able to visit her, he expressed surprise that I would let him ride a bus and go there first on his way home from his summer job at Land o'Lakes Art Camp.

Harp"Honey," I pointed out, "you are going to college at the end of the summer. You'll be able to get on a bus and go anywhere you want without asking me."

That he seemed surprised tells me life at boarding school was all I hoped it would be.

He will have three days to visit before flying home Friday afternoon. Her dad is a musician, and I understand they will be making music, even going into the recording studio with him. I expect it will be most beautiful. 

(A prize to the first to figure out her nickname.)

17 thoughts on “Overnight By Bus”

  1. “Plain” makes me think of the prairie, stubble-jumping Saskatchewan-bred woman that I am. Music City… could that be in Tennessee? (Is it flat there?)
    Grasping at straws here. No idea.

  2. Something about a double-strung chromatic?
    Just a guess; I prefer the Flatt and Scruggs style of five-string harp, so I don’t really know much about these.

  3. That is so sweet!
    I googled (cheated) and found the answer. But I won’t give it away so someone else (who might be more familiar with Prince) can win.

  4. As a former library assistant in various reference departments, I believe in research as well as other knowledge. Explain it and you may have the prize! (Especially if you could use some yarn.)

  5. If it is part of a Prince song lyric then I am totally out of the running…unless you nicknamed her “Little Red Corvette”!

  6. I just stopped by to say that I love the new blog layout! You keep me motivated to want to have a cool blog, too!

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