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Back at It

It's that time. It's Saturday morning, and I'm preaching tomorrow morning, and since I've been on vacation this week, I've got a sermon to write.

I don't usually arrange it this way–I prefer to have vacation begin after preaching and include the following Sunday–but for a variety of reasons, this was the way it needed to be. It's just harder to get the motor started after a week of idling.

This is also the first day I am full time in the newer of my two jobs. I've left the Freeport UCC and said all my goodbyes and passed along the necessary information to the long-term supply pastor who will be with them through the end of the year, at least. Today I am fully in the employ of Y1P, as their Interim Associate Pastor.

I'm still working out exactly what that job means. Interim ministry is a funny hybrid of pastoring and consulting, and it seems this particular interim will be those things but in a much different ratio, with the emphasis on making sure certain programs continue apace and the consulting more of a condiment than the main course or even the side dish.

This also means I'll be preaching much less often, and I have to wonder what that means for this blog, which was titled in such a way to suggest I would be engaging the lectionary with regularity. I saw it as a way to deepen my reflections and sharpen my writing, but I also saw it aimed toward the weekly sermon. 

Now, I wouldn't dare ask what's the point of it if I'm not preaching, since there is plenty of point to engaging with scripture, for all kinds of reasons. But there is a sense of loss for me that there will be no end-product, or no need for one, most weeks. This month, while my colleague is on vacation, I'll preach a lot, but after this month, it's once a month for the duration of this job (at least until he figures out any other time he's taking off).

I can't decide whether this just makes me sad, which is silly since I knew going in it would be this way, or whether I ought to see this as an opening to do other things with my writing. I'd like to think there is some deeper purpose to this particular direction my ministry is taking, if only for a year, that there is something I will learn that I needed to know.

But for today, there is a sermon to write. I am back at it.

7 thoughts on “Back at It”

  1. So, are the “certain programs” youth and child-oriented? I’m just wondering about a certain person of my acquaintance who may be looking for a job soon….

  2. well… perhaps this will give you time for writing as you said. ever considered a seasonal devotional? or collection of meditations? you’d be good at either and more!

  3. sigh. I get the loss feeling, even if you know it is coming. I think it is good to grieve, but the space opens up so much still could reflectionary-ize…or write poetry.
    Just don’t let all those programs suck away your writing space.

  4. It will be an interesting year for you…fruitful, I imagine, even as it will be different.

  5. Well, as you know (and I remind you), you have a regular readership here. So even if you wanted to write briefly per weekend, would that help you keep your hand in?
    And or the writing your own material thing.

  6. Even if you’re not preaching, your reflections would be a good read, and a preaching help for others. Not sure if that motivates you or not.

  7. Keep writing them. You are ministering to many of us as you go over your sermons.

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