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Oh Sammy Boy

(A Song for Saturday Morning)Sam Dogbook

Oh, Sammy Boy, the
squirrels, the squirrels are calling

From Baxter Woods
and down at Evergreen.

The sky is grey and
now it's time for walking

Before the rain
begins and washes clean.


Oh, come right now,
they surely want to play with you.

Run toward the trees
and watch them as they climb–

Look all around and
wonder where they've gotten to–

Oh, Sammy Boy, oh,
Sammy Boy, now is the time.

10 thoughts on “Oh Sammy Boy”

  1. LOVE THIS! Just sang it through, with feeling.
    Now, in solidarity, my dogs and I are headed out for a walk in the closest local approximation of Baxter Woods.
    (A pretty poor approximation, I must say. We lives on the prairie here; I miss my Deep South woods.)

  2. Sounds like Sam is having fun.
    I used to sing a slightly different version (Oh Fenny Boy) each time we drove to the dog park. Fenway loved it and knew exactly where we were going. One day I missed the turn to get to the park and felt a pat of a paw on my arm.
    Now we don’t do the park but are enjoying lots of short walks just down the street…maybe I need to make up a new song for those.

  3. same song here – trading the back yard for the walk though… they wait inside until the squirrel touches the ground & they are off through the doggy door!! They’ve been at it for hours!

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