Did I mention…

  • that we had a lot of fun with Mary Beth?
  • that she brought us sunshine?
  • that she bravely drank Moxie?
  • that she found it repulsive but maintained her sense of humor?
  • that the expression on her face got Pure Luck laughing out loud?
  • that I'm grateful to know her?
  • that I hope she comes back again?
  • that she patiently sat through a whole video of #1 Son when he was in Peter Pan 14 years ago?
  • that LP thinks she is pretty swell?
  • that Sam barked at her a lot but made sure she didn't get separated from the pack when we went out for a walk?
  • that having her in my kitchen was easy and fun, which is not always true when two people try to work in a kitchen together?
  • that she has now watched me drop into my sermon trance not once, but twice?
  • that I hope she comes back next year?

Mary Beth 005

(LP and MB on the coast. The tall shadow is Pure Luck's and the other one is mine.)

13 thoughts on “Did I mention…”

  1. This makes me smile so much!!!
    This is right about the time that I was trying to convince LP that what we were standing on was petrified wood. Yeah, really. Clearly, not a true Mainer. 🙂

  2. Love reading about the visit and seeing the pics!
    MB is Very Special!

  3. PGal and others – search on my or Songbird’s name on FB to see the Moxie video. 🙂

  4. Both of you sound absolutely glowing in your reports of the visit.

  5. So wish I could have joined you! What a great photo, and some great women as well!

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