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Wednesday Night Stream of Consciousness

I have a new motherboard, and it seems like that ought to be a fascinating metaphor for something in my life, but I don't know enough about what it does to work it out to anything. Rats!

Scarecrow "Babylon 5," Season Two, is better than Season One, and not only because of Bruce Boxleitner, but he makes a difference, for me, anyway, especially when he gets that jaunty "Scarecrow and Mrs. King" look on his face.

I loved "Scarecrow and Mrs. King," which was about a CIA Agent and a suburban mom.

Scarecrow was a good guy.

Today we heard the CIA has been up to no good, which tells me it is not Scarecrow's CIA. Imagine misleading Congress!!

Michael Jackson's children fascinate me, which I hate to admit, but it's sadly true.

Sarah Palin's children, on the other hand, I've heard enough about and hope they will enjoy a quieter life from this day forward.

It's rained too much here, and we ended up with a basement full of water when our storm drain backed up. Looks like we have some roots in the pipes, but Pure Luck got enough out that the water is now draining.

We'll have some cleaning to do, but will need a nice dry day to air out the basement.

A NICE DRY DAY!!!!!!!!!!!  HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!

(Maybe Friday.)

Pups  Lastly, I don't know why Huffington Post used this picture to illustrate a story about dog fights, but I like it anyway.

7 thoughts on “Wednesday Night Stream of Consciousness”

  1. Maybe HufPo doesn’t know what “dog fighting” really is? Cause, uh, those are “puppies playing.” 180 degree difference. And too cute.

  2. I liked Scarecrow and Mrs. King too! And Babylon 5 was a staple in our house during its first run. This endless rain has been a huge problem for everyone – especially all of those who provide us with local produce. Not only has it been too wet, but it’s been too cold for squash, tomatoes, cukes, etc. While I don’t enjoy hot, humid weather much, I don’t expect to be wearing fleece jackets in July either!!

  3. your stream is oddly similar to my sermon getting done… fits. starts. stops. distraction… oh someone with dimples… i’ll be right back Amos!

  4. How about motherboarding as an interrogation technique? Just give your kids So Much Mother that they crack and confess!

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