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Helpful as a cat

When I brought my laptop home this afternoon and opened it, all was well. Until, that is, I plugged it in. Black, vertical stripes of doom appeared on the display. And the service tag, that important sticker with the letters/numbers that identify the computer, apparently went the way of all things when in Part Two of the Hinge Failure Affair of Ought Nine the "bottom plastics" required replacement. I am beginning to feel my charming pink Dell is ill-fated. After a minor meltdown, I pressed my retired laptop into service, the one prone to over-heating and shutting down. I found my Dell sign-in info and thus uncovered the service tag. I chatted with Rathesri, who asked if I had a screw driver. Yes, you read that right. With the help of Pure Luck and the instructions of Rathestri, we found no amount of taking things out made any difference. Baby made off with the piece of masking tape Pure Luck intended as a screw keeper and ran around with it on her paw. Chaos ensued. Rathestri concluded that I need new memory and a new motherboard. I gave thanks for the extended service plan. Later I caught up with the cat and peeled off the tape. Just another rainy evening chez Songbird…

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  1. Posted from my Touch, by the way, which is a rather awkward instrument for prose…

  2. lol!
    this is why you need an apple. no apple care person is ever going to ask if you going to have a screwdriver, they are going to make you the next available appointment at the genius bar. and if you can’t do that (ie if there’s no apple store or apple-approved service provider nearby) they will do everything possible to make it work over the phone, and failing that they’ll ask you to mail it in and then they’ll mail you a new one (complete with all your files transferred and everything).
    it’s a thing of beauty. 🙂

  3. LOL. Ditto on the Apple kudos from Teri…… Though if you did that, you would not have these delightful stories to tell.
    Meanwhile, I could sure use new memory, though my motherboard is still quite functional, thank you. (speaking in fleshy terms….)

  4. Hmmm…sounds like the same issue we had…and with a Yellow “Dello” as we called it! But thankfully we were never asked if we had a screwdriver and a tech was sent to our house who managed to fix it all. Wonder if it is the colored cases??? hahaha!

  5. The motherboard died on my machine- they gave me a new one and it has behaved itself ever since!

  6. How annoying. I have to say, after giving up my behemouth(sp?) desk top, I am loving the mac book pro. Yes.

  7. Right about now a Mac is sounding pretty sweet. Though the Dell guy is in the dining room affecting repairs as I type this.

  8. OK. Chuckling softly in my office. Loving it!
    (Pssst! Get a Mac!)

  9. I am sitting here at working writing up a “ticket” on a busted Dell, one of of the 20 I’m responsible for managing (none of them pink). I wish your Dell guy would come on over here when he’s done at your place.

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