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A dirty Jesus?

After reading a prayer written by my friend, the Vicar of Hogsmeade, I went to iTunes looking for versions of "Give Me Jesus."

Please explain: why are some of them marked "CLEAN?" What does this suggest about the others? It's disconcerting.

7 thoughts on “A dirty Jesus?”

  1. I of course went straight to Youtube to listen to some of the ones *not* marked CLEAN and cannot find what you are referring to. Very odd.
    Maybe it’s really about the ‘unclean’ woman in today’s Gospel? A clever reference?
    okay, that’s all I’ve got.

  2. Hmm. Maybe just as a general reference to other songs (not GMJ) that aren’t? It does always jar me a bit if I’m, say, looking for Christmas songs and find some marked “Explicit.” Although the uncut version of In the Bleak Midwinter might not pass some censors.

  3. I am such a Luddite that I know nothing about how to download songs from iTunes, but I wonder if it’s a reference to the sound quality of a particular selection (no hisses, etc.)?

  4. My guess is that actually marking songs as clean (I was about to type explicitly marking songs as clean…) has to do with parental controls. If it’s marked as clean it crosses some filter and unmarked songs don’t?

  5. The last time I looked for Bobby Sherman (remember him? the teen idol immediately before David Cassidy?) MP3 downloads on Google, about half of them were marked “Explicit,” which was extremely unlikely to be true. It’s probably some sort of automated filter gone wild.

  6. Oh, Bobby Sherman! Yes! We watched him on “Here Come the Brides.”
    I wonder if some religious music recorded by or for kids is labeled “Clean” since that may be the only music kids with parental controls can buy?

  7. LOL, just realized I’m such a Luddite that I mistook Itunes for Youtube.

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