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Tick Tock

I'm counting off the hours until Pure Luck returns home. A trip that might have gone into tomorrow will end around dinnertime, and I am eager to see him.

I'm watching the clock and I'm thinking of the calendar, of the short days after Molly's death before his departure, of the grieving process LP and I and even Sam experienced fully while he (and the boys) were far away.

I'm remembering how much snow lay on the ground on February 15th.

I'm grateful for the sun breaking through, at least a little, today, June 20th.

I'm thinking about people in Iran who wonder when their spouses or children or friends will come in and be safe for the night, or whether any of them can really be safe.

I'm reading The Daily Dish and keeping an eye on CNN (sound off) and Ann Curry's tweets about Iran. She writes:

Just watched a
video so graphic know it would traumatize. What we would not broadcast,
do we post? This is a new frontier for journalists.

And I respond:

While I don't want to see graphic violence, maybe it's time for the power of such acts to reside in the stopping of them.

3 thoughts on “Tick Tock”

  1. I remember when I was at school, learning about the Crimean War, which was the first that could be reported fairly immediately, using the then-new telegraph. The immediacy of the reports had a huge impact on the reading public, who were horrified – as we are, now, by uncensored video footage on-line. The more immediate the reporting, the less likely we are to tolerate war and acts of violence.

  2. Just for a minute I thought Mrs Redboots was saying she was at school DURING the Crimean War.
    Got me! 🙂

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