Light Princess asked me if we still had the finale for American Idol on our DVR, and I allowed as how we might, and she asked if I ever saw it, and I said no, and she said, well there are some cool parts, so why don't we watch it?

And so we did.

And out onto the stage comes Adam Lambert, and he's wearing weird things on his shoulders, and the music starts and I squeal, "Is he going to sing 'Beth?'"

LP shrugs.

He starts singing it.

"He's singing it! It's Beth! That was the first song I slow-danced, too!!"


"No, it was sweet!"

LP looks dubious.

"He grew up to be a minister, too." (I am really a loser in her eyes now.) "It was a church dance."

She laughs out loud.

Okay, it is funny, I guess. In my innocent youth, I danced my first slow dance to "Beth," and I didn't even know the band was Kiss, and the boy who asked me to dance was older, and it was New Year's Eve, and he was in college, and it was an ecumenical youth event, and his sister was in the Presbyterian youth group and I was in the United Methodist youth group, and that's my story.

I try to explain this.

She laughs again and points at me.

Then Kiss joins Adam Lambert on stage and we go on to discuss the tongue of Gene Simmons. And we are of one accord. Eww.

10 thoughts on “Kiss”

  1. Oh dear. I’m so out of it, I don’t even know that song. (Growing up Baptist, I had years when I thought it was my Christian duty not to listen to rock music. Now my attitude toward that legalism is . . . ewww.)

  2. I started singing that song as soon as it began, and Blue Eyes was amazed that I knew it. I guess he was not familiar with the KISS power ballad to end all power ballads.
    And “eww” is right.

  3. Oh, how I loved that song in high school (although I still remember a girl in 7th grade laughing at me b/c I didn’t know that there was a band called Kiss). Clearly, I figured that out somewhere between 7th and 10th grades.

  4. I adored that song, too. Thanks for stirring the memories of back in the day!

  5. Have you ever read Beth’s response? Pretty funny. I’ll try to find the link.

  6. Flashback to PL and Freebird…and Greg whose last name I dont remember but I know my parents did not like him….But he played guitar and sang like an angel……and there was definitely a kiss in there someplace too!
    Thanks songbird…..In fact, he sort of looked like Adam Lambert but with bigger hair….hmmm

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