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This Dog Belongs to Puss Puss

Tonight I took Sam out for a walk, but he really didn't want to leave our street. We ambled rather aimlessly to the dead end, then came back on the opposite side.

Soon I noticed Puss Puss keeping an eye on us from a neighbor's yard. She looked rather like she wanted to join us, but first a car left our street and then another arrived, and you don't get to be a 14-year-old Lady Cat Who Goes Outside without understanding to keep out of the traffic.

But it subsided, and she came across the curb and began to pad toward us.

Sam, busy sniffing messages on the neighbor cat's shrubs, did not notice her. When she seemed hesitant to come all the way, I turned him toward home, where Puss Puss met us in the driveway. She walked right over to Sam, which is unusual, and they sniffed each other, nearly touching noses, which is highly unusual. Then she walked under him–he is a big fellow, after all–and to my amazement, she rubbed her head against his front leg.

Yes, I believe she claimed him as her very own.

6 thoughts on “This Dog Belongs to Puss Puss”

  1. The first time Jerry did this with Bailey, my heart gives me hope for many relationships that are supposed to be contentious…but mostly it makes me feel peaceful in my hearth and soul!

  2. oohhhh…very sweet. two of my kitties are absolutely, totally crazy in love with Venus. They rub up against her, and flirt, until she starts licking their heads and ears. so cute!

  3. Sam! You need a cat! Our dog has 4!!!!
    We love Sister, the best dog nanny in the World!
    Dubby says to tell you, “hello” from a Bearnaise Dog Cat.
    Whistle, we love you, Sam

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