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Scenes from a knitter’s life

Seen in a parking lot the other day: an SUV with the license plate "YARNHO."

I so identify.

At the moment I have five projects on the needles. I made an effort to finish some with the idea that I would not get into this kind of a spot again, but then I saw a pattern for a shawlette on Cordelia's blog, and I had two different stash yarns that I wanted to try, and I decided to do both.

So that's two shawlettes, a pair of Monkey socks in Ty-Dy "Grapes" (my birthday present yarn), the necktie I can't seem to finish for #1 Son and a pair of knee socks for LP set aside sometime last fall.

I finished sock 1 and cast on sock 2 during a special Conference meeting yesterday and amused (I hope) my new colleague by slipping off my sandal and trying it on. "You have to wear it right away?" "No, but I need to be sure it's right." It is, thankfully.

Please, knitters, tell me that you understand.

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  1. I’m not a knitter, but I’ll say I understand to be supportive! 😉

  2. I understand. And after I complete the course on Socks 101 I’m going to take the course on how to knit two socks at the same time – because I am certain I will end up with lots of single socks…just because I like the yarn.

  3. I try really hard to cast on the second sock *immediately* after finishing the first. There’s a much better chance of making the second one that way (and also of remembering the choices I made along the way).

  4. Oh, I understand. I got rid of most of my yarn stash after injury a few years ago which prevented me knitting, but I always wonder whether it’s time yet to try again. And we won’t talk about the sewing projects…

  5. You are NOT ALONE!
    I just told my knitting buddy that as soon as school was done, I was opening every bag and tote and box and taking out every single skein of yarn to see exactly how much stash I had and how many projects I had lined up! And then I was going to inventory it all. (It might take all summer!)

  6. I do NOT understand. At all. I started a quilt about 20 years ago. It’s still ina box. The “baby” I made it for now has a baby.
    So I do not understand, but I appreciate it.
    And Clergy Barbie still rocks her songbird-knitted stole with great pride!

  7. I do understand, and used to live that way, as well. I have lots of UFO’s, and once I finish the revamp of my office/craft storage space, I hope to finish at least a few of them!

  8. I just love it that you were trying on the sock.
    I wish I was a bonafide knitter, but I am still at my beginning stages…….but want to get better. I also just got a pattern for pedicure socks that reminded me of you, so will send your way!!!

  9. I so identify! 🙂
    I have rampant tendinitis that flares up when I knit, but it doesn’t prevent me from planning, buying, starting, and occasionally finishing more projects than you could shake a needle at. I knit socks from the toe up so that I can put them on throughout the process, and have been known to wear one finished sock in order to encourage its mate.

  10. I get it. I took someone to the doctor today and tried one on — much to the amusement of the receptionist.
    I have to finish sweater sleeves and then I can start clapotis. Oh, and finish the lace stole. oh and cast on soem baby bibs before theyhit preschool. and… and… and. Yeah, I get it and you are not crazy!

  11. I can’t juggle multiple projects or I’ll never finish the first one. I have a sweater, maybe 3/4 finished, sitting on the footstool where its been since I got frustrated on the sleeve decreases and started making scarves and headbands instead.
    Why is it all the coolest knitting names are already taken?
    My sister-in-law is going on a Chicago-to-St.Louis knitting train trip this weekend with a bunch of folks from Ravelry. I’m so jealous.

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