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Not Another Saturday Night

I'm in the midst of a three-week stretch of no preaching.

It's so weird!!!

As a solo pastor, both settled and interim, I've gotten into the groove, the habit, the lifestyle, the practice of thinking towards a sermon every week. When I took my new position as an Interim Associate Pastor, I knew it came with a different kind of preaching schedule, and although because of the two jobs and vacations it will be late August before it really happens, this span of three weeks provides a foretaste of consecutive non-preaching. Last week my colleague preached while I worked with the Sunday School; this week and next, the two churches have their respective Youth Sundays, in which I am involved, but not preaching.

So, it's Saturday night. Snowman and Light Princess are out at a contra dance with their dad, and until I go to pick them up later, I'm on my own. I've cooked pasta salad and baked a cake for tomorrow's church picnic. I'm probably going to knit and watch a movie. I wrote the material for tomorrow's service based on the Genesis 1 Creation story about a month ago, so I didn't even *think* about this week's lectionary. And I really have nothing else to prepare for the morning.

It's so weird!!!

On the other hand, this week I did a lot of writing. I've said for a long time that writing is my spiritual practice, but I must also admit it's my vocation, pointing toward the work of preaching as much as toward a deeper life. It was interesting to be writing about other aspects of life and ministry without "holding back" some story or thought for the sermon.

I wrote spontaneously. And it felt good.

I don't know what the coming year will bring to my writing, but I like this start.

8 thoughts on “Not Another Saturday Night”

  1. When I am “off” for Sunday, my entire week feels odd, disjointed and surreal. I’ve taken the rhythm of preparing preaching into my life. I’m ready for tomorrow (as much as I think I can be!).
    I’m glad you felt free to write without withholding a tidbit for an upcoming sermon. I know how that feels.
    Enjoy your evening. I need a piece of that cake to keep my strength up—please send a chunk through teh internets.

  2. Your schedule, and this Sat. night are much like my own…it is odd…now, if I could only figure out how I keep adding stitches to this tiny yarn that I am using to knit a sock (or at least that is what is supposed to be)…(LOL)….

  3. plus the fact that you are indeed an amazing preacher woman…
    but maybe this is a time, space, as you say…to go different places with your writing…
    it won’t be forever so……………………
    What is the difference between Texas Sheetcake and sheetcake?

  4. I’m sure it does feel odd not to be “preparing” but how lovely that you can just let the words flow out of you in such a creative way…. opening the doors to who knows what. :c)

  5. The New York Times had a piece today about how so many blogs are discarded == inactive for 120 days or more is their criterion. I’m impressed that you have maintained yours for so long, and I think that shows how important writing is for you. (It’s obviously not for the big bucks!) I also wonder how worship feels when you are part of it but not the one who is preaching.

  6. Since I couldn’t spend as much time as I like reading blogs during the school year, I’m catching up a bit (even though now it’s CPE). Are you still in the same geographic area?
    Writing is a tremendous tool. I’ve gotten back to journalling since CPE began and it feels so good. I’m better able to process my experiences and insights.
    Blessings Songbird. By the way, I love your new picture.

  7. You are such a wonderful writer–I’m glad you will have more time for it!

  8. Yes, Ivy, I’m still in “City By the Sea.” We’ve decided to stay put until LP finishes high school (which she will start this fall), as long as there continues to be work!
    Auntie K, it really will be fall before that happens a lot. My first three Sundays at Y1P have been spent:
    1) preaching
    2) going to Sunday School
    3) spending the first part of the service in Sunday School, then helping with Confirmation
    So I actually haven’t sat and listened to a sermon yet!

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