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Notes from the Trail

You may be wondering the whereabouts of Pure Luck, as was I since he was incommunicado yesterday. He is still in the Great Northwest, working for a few more weeks, but here is a report on his day off adventure:

It was my day off today and so I decided to go for a hike in the
(kinda, sorta) nearby blue mountains. I was attempting to make a little
more progress on the trail that I had lost the last time I tried it,
and make progress I did. I went a few miles further over the ridge
until…I hit more snow and lost the trail again. Doh! Typically, I
kept going forward. Eventually I stumbled onto some logging roads which
seemed to be going in the right direction and followed them. Just as
one I was depending on to take me down to the road ended abruptly there
it was: the trail! I followed it down into the shade where there was
still a fair amount of snow, broke through a couple times and finally
made it out to the road the map said my car was on (the map was right
about that).

On the way down the road I encountered a sleek,
brown snake soaking up the last of the day's warmth from the tar and as
I neared my car there was a hawk flying overhead piercing the air with
its cries. Quite serene and beautiful. And one of the things that
helped it be serene and beautiful was that in five+ hours of hiking in
shorts and t-shirt there was not one mosquito, not one black fly. In
short it was a hiker heaven.

Although there were none of those
there were a fair number of elk which fled from me with some dispatch.
I cannot figure out how the hell they can run through all those blown
down trees. Elkin magic I guess.

Yes, he is still the punster we know and love.

Well, I do, anyway.

5 thoughts on “Notes from the Trail”

  1. Oh, dear… I mean, ELK!
    What a great tale-spinner. I could almost smell the scent of the place, feel the crunch of the late-season snow.
    My great-grandparents had a homestead not far from there. Grandpa had a lumber mill, I believe, but he became a state senator and spent much of his time in Olympia while GGrandma–a frustrated woman of culture, WCTU member and probable feminist–was stuck with four kids up in the mountains, waiting on the money he sent home. I wish I had more stories about them both. They lived in beautiful places and all of their children were extraordinary people.
    Something about that fresh mountain air…

  2. Songbird, I can’t begin to imagine how much you miss Pure Luck right now. I’m glad he had a great day of hiking, and wish you a great day today+
    Prayers for patience, encouragement, and endurance for both of you.

  3. the hike sounds wonderful.
    I know you miss him TERRIBLE
    and just sending you love and peace in your waiting til PL comes home.

  4. Wait–he’s hiking in shorts and a t-shirt and he’s running into snow? Well, he is from Maine….but still.
    I know you must miss him terribly–hope he gets home to you soon.

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