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Red Alert!!!

Red alert I need to warn you. This post is about Star Trek.

No, I don’t mean a spoiler alert. Let’s just say I highly recommend the movie whether or not you were ever a fan of the TV shows. I went to see it yesterday, and it surprised me how much I loved it. For years it has been like a bad boyfriend, the kind who never calls, and then when he does, it may be great (Movies 2, 4, sort of 6 and 8) or it may be awful (the other ones, especially 1 and 10, of which we simply will.not.speak.).

And the TV shows, oh! For people my age, who were very young when it first aired and 8 or 9 when it started to run every afternoon, The Original Series is like the beloved neighborhood where you grew up; when you go back to visit everything looks smaller and the furniture in your grandma’s house seems hilariously out-of-date. Then there is The Next Generation, an attempt to be more mature, not unlike people just out of college and sure they know more than their parents did, silly old dears, and why are they so close-minded about our catsuits when they wore mini-skirts? Then comes my favorite, Deep Space Nine, the exploration of angst that accompanied my 30s, my divorce, the loss of my dad, a tender and touching time in which I asked religious questions and wondered if I would ever find love again and debated the merits of almost everything I had ever believed or thought or felt.

But as my life took a turn for the better, Star Trek, now a bad girlfriend extraordinaire, went down a wrong road, getting lost in the Delta Quadrant, and though I held her hand and listened, I knew I really ought to stop, to quit her cold turkey. When the franchise returned with Enterprise, I could not get interested enough to stay with it to the end, even though it featured a Beagle.

I decided Star Trek was over. I cringed when I heard there might be a remake or a prequel. I had no hopes for this movie. None. I read that J.J. Abrams wasn’t even a fan!!! Really, need I say more? Sacrilege. Sacrilege! I wanted someone to rediscover the underlying idea and bring it to life in a meaningful way, updated for contemporary tastes and technologies. I wanted a story fans would love. I wanted a story Gene Roddenberry would love.

I expected to be disappointed. I expected to break things off once and for all. In fact, I really didn’t plan to see the movie. I didn’t want a bad taste in my mouth.

But there was one small problem.

My daughter loves that actor, even though his day job is cutting open skulls on “Heroes.” Suddenly the one non-Trekkie in my household wanted to see Star Trek.

So we went. And I was amazed. I loved it! I laughed, I cried, I clapped, I reveled, and I remembered what I loved all those years ago. I loved the idea that the world is not going to hell in a hand bag. I loved the idea that all races and all nations will work together, will even work with other species. I loved the idea that harmony might be a value and that good people would be willing to do difficult things to achieve it in the end. I loved the idea that we might reach beyond our known world, whatever that means to us, in an effort to understand more.

Anyway, Light Princess was happy about her TV/Movie Boyfriend, and although he’s a little young for me, I appreciated his gifts, too: the acting, the haircut, the nerve pinch and the raised eyebrow.

I think they have something here.

(But next time, give me Klingons, okay? Because LP’s Mama has always liked those bad boys, from Michael Ansara’s Kang right up to Mr. Worf.)

17 thoughts on “Red Alert!!!”

  1. I remember seeing a fan-cut version of “star Wreck: Commotion picture” while at the college of knowledge. It was hysterical. Every time Kirk and Decker were on the bridge together, the background music was dueling banjos. in the initial panning of the new enterprise they played the theme from “gone with the wind” associated with Tara while they interspersed quick pictures of every woman/alien Kirk had kissed in the TV series. Other cuts and editing made it a riot! It was much better than movie 1.
    I will go see this one after papers are turned in. Tickets to the IMAX should be available by then.

  2. I am so not a sci fi fan. I occasionally watched the TV show in reruns and went to the first couple of movies, then that was it. Only Son takes after me. During his mother’s day call to me, however, he just raved about how wonderful this movie was! He was dragged to it by a friend. I just might have to see it myself

  3. DS9 was my favourite incarnation as well, but this movie – whew! I want more.

  4. Saw it yesterday too and loved it! I also like finding movies that connect with all three of us. So far we have James Bond, Bourne Movies, a couple of Indianna Jones,and this Star Trek. Watched Mrs. Doubtfire a few weeks back. manBoy was pleasantly surprised – but it doesn’t fall in the same category as Star Trek.
    Rachel, as for wanting more – now that history’s been altered, anything is possible!

  5. LOVED it. You are so cool how you know the movies by their numbers and everything, but whatever was the one with the whales? I liked this one better than that. Which is saying something.

  6. Whoa, Juniper.. better than the one with the whales?
    SB, you had me pretty convinced, though I am *not* a movie-goer. But the comment about the whales? That settles it.
    (It helps that The Piper’s Son gave us back a handful of the movie tickets he got for Christmas, right before he left for the Northwest. All we’ll have to pay for is popcorn!)

  7. juniper, the one with the whales is #4. I love it even more than #2, the Wrath of Khan. But my favorite movie of all, up to day before yesterday, was the Next Generation movie about the Borg, First Contact. It was made of win. “If you were any other man, I would kill you where you stand!” Really, for that alone, plus all the stuff about Zefrem Cochrane, and the arrival of the Vulcans on Earth and…well, I loved it. This is in part why I found the 9th and 10th movies, especially the 10th, SOOO disappointing.

  8. well, I guess I will go see it then.
    I just love this fun-ly written.
    Is there a better word for “fun-ly”?

  9. I’ve loved Star Trek forever. I still watch every re-run I can, and I even watch non-Sci Fi shows just because they feature Star Trek actors. Ok, it took me a while to get used to Voyager, and I stopped watching Enterprise in the middle of the first season. Even the theme music for Enterprise disappoints.
    But the movies have been so up-and-down in quality that I was going to wait for it to come out on DVD, but thanks to all these great reviews I guess I have to brave the multi-plex. That’ll please The Husband. He likes going out to the movies.
    Is it really better than the one with the whales?

  10. Glad you enjoyed it. My wife loved it… and was not happy with my less than enthusiastic review of it. Two stars wasn’t enough for her. Don’t know why it didn’t grab me, but happy to see so many who really liked it.

  11. We want to go, but life has been a little bit hectic lately. Maybe soon.

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