After Chaperoning

(We're in the car after LP's choral concert.)

LP: I'm sorry about that thing in the hall. I didn't mean to make a thing out of it.

(She had shrugged me off when I was in charge of keeping 62 girls in grades 7 through 12 quiet in a hallway behind the stage, which is really a heroic task.)

Me: That's okay.

LP: That girl who I was talking to?

Me: Yes?

LP: After you went away she said, "Do you mind if I tell you something?" and I said, no, and she said, "You should appreciate your mom. Mine has cancer."

LP: She just found out yesterday.

Me: I'm sorry to hear it. You must have felt–

LP: Yeah.

LP: So, what would you like to do for Mother's Day?

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