Happy News!

#1 Son's play got a review in the Village Voice!!! The first performance sold out last night. They added an extra performance Saturday night. Today he was at the corner of Lafayette and Astor Place when a complete stranger said, "You were great in the play last night!"

I'm very proud of him, but you probably knew that already.

I will have to wait and see this in September when they perform at the Philadelphia Fringe. I'm sorry to miss it now, but happy for him!!!

13 thoughts on “Happy News!”

  1. The Philadelphia Fringe?! My son performs at the Philadelphia Fringe! (Improv comedy, though.) But congratulations!

  2. OH – that is awesome! Both a review in the VV AND that someone recognized him – wow!

  3. Haha, no, Joanna, he’s the guy in the nerdy baggy jeans (as described in the review, not pictured). If you do go, let me know!

  4. That’s excellent! And it sounds like the strangest play ever – must be fun to be part of it.

  5. Way, way cool! It’s such a joy to have talented children and to get to see them enjoying using their talents.

  6. Let me know if they are going to the Minneapolis Fringe — I think it’s in August? and I’ll alert my offspring and others.

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