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1745_TS In an effort to make the most of a theoretically special day on which most of my family will not be anywhere nearby, here are the things on my list for today, my 48th birthday.

  • Take a nice walk with Sam–we went to Mackworth Island, which has a trail all around the shoreline, and it was lovely.
  • Go out for a good cup of coffee–I originally planned to do this alone and take my Kindle for some reading time, but I ended up meeting a friend instead, which was even better.
  • Visit my local yarn store and pick up some new sock yarn, a modest present to myself–I came home with a skein of Ty-Dy Socks in the colorway "Grapes," pictured here. It's very soft. I was amazed at the sock yarns at Central Yarn Shop that did NOT meet my qualifications where "hand" is concerned. If it's rough to the touch, why would I, or anyone else, want to walk around on it? Anyway, this yarn's for me. I am going to cast on before the day is over.
  • Go out to dinner with Light Princess–she will be home soon and we'll decide then where to go.
  • Talk on the phone with the men in my life–one county heard from thus far (#1 Son); Pure Luck goes on 12 hour night shifts starting today, and is in another time zone, so you do the math. I think he's still asleep, or ought to be, or wishes he were, so we will talk later; and if Snowman reads this, I hope he will check in with his mother.
  • Finish reading a book–I have four books going, but the one I'm hoping to finish is the light reading, "Tears of the Giraffe," which I am very much enjoying. It's the second book in the #1 Ladies Detective Agency series. Anyone watching the HBO version of the books? LP and I have seen the movie and the first episode. If she doesn't have too much homework, maybe we'll watch another tonight.

I'm having deep thoughts on this birthday, but they feel quite tender at the moment. I look back sometimes with fondness to the days when I thought no one read this blog or that those who did had no idea who I was. That's no longer my reality. To ask a private question or reveal a secret concern or ask for personal advice, I must turn in other directions. Perhaps it's odd that the Internet ever seemed like a place for those inquiries, but as I celebrate my sixth birthday as a blogger, I recognize that some of the people I reached out to today via phone and email and Twitter and Facebook were once only pseudonyms with strangely frank queries of their own.

The ways we make community have shifted; I'm grateful for this one, even if it has necessarily changed, too.


P.S. Thank you, Mary Beth, who never had a pseudonym, for this:

Birthday 002

22 thoughts on “48”

  1. ahhhh. that MaryBeth. What a dear kind soul.
    And, happy birthday again.
    The sock yarn looks delicious.

  2. Happy Birthday! Oh, that looks like an Edible Arrangement – yummy!!

  3. I am so thankful you were born. Thanks for being such a wonderful blogger, knitter, preacher, poet, dog-lover, and mentor in ministry.

  4. Happy, happy birthday, my dear one. I’m so glad to have you in my life.

  5. I hope your day was delightful… sounds like it was, and hope you know how delightful you make each morning for me when I stop by. Love and hugs my friend.

  6. Happy Birthday! I hope it went the way you hoped, or even better! I know my #55 day just a week ago, was not what I’d planned, but ended up better than what I thought I wanted.

  7. Happy birthday Songbird! I know we don’t know each other IRL but I am so glad you ARE.

  8. Happy Birthday, Songbird! I hope we meet someday; glad you have found some joyful things to do.
    p.s. do you knit in the summer?

  9. Happy Birthday, Songbird. The good life is just beginning.

  10. Sounds like the best birthday possible in spite of the geographic challenges your family currently has. Hope it was wonderful!
    I so agree with you on how the sock yarn should feel. I’m no knitter, but I know comfort when I feel it.
    I hope you enjoyed Tears of the Giraffe. Oddly enough, I was first introduced to this book series as a part of my CPE reading. We were learning about understanding varoious cultures. I immediately went to the library and checked out all they had. For the first time ever am sad we don’t have cable or dish – just an antenna in the attic. That series would be worth it.
    Again – wishing you the happiest of birthdays and a good year ahead.

  11. Happy birthday one day late. I’m glad you gave yourself little treats–and I hope all the men checked in.

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