A-Croc-Alypse Now


I'm reading links about swine flu and find this page:

Do I Have the Swine Flu?

I send it to Light Princess, who replies with this one:

Do You Have Swine Flu?

Light Princess continues to have a runny nose, a cough and sore throat, but none of the things that make it sound like flu, and given that the doctor affirmed that, I'm going with Link #1.

6 thoughts on “Swine-chronicity”

  1. See also XKCD.
    Be sure to move your mouse over the cartoon; the help text is usually XKCD’s best part.

  2. The hospital in my tee-tiny town is all aflutter over the swine flu. They have 2 cases of it, that sent the news teams to the hospital round the clock for updates.
    sigh….and now back to your regularly scheduled program.

  3. But have no fear, my friends. The aporkalypse may be escaped here.

  4. Love the links.
    We’ve got the sore throat thing at our hours. Michael came down with it three days ago, and I started showing symptoms three hours ago. No swine flu panic, just annoyance at an ill-time virus. (Probably caught it at a grand-niece’s birthday party. Figures.)

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