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Why I Love Renowned Middle School

All three of my children have attended Renowned Middle School, home of an expeditionary learning curriculum and kids whose spoken-at-home languages in any given year are well over three dozen across the student population. Families from out of district petition to have their children attend. I love it. And one of the reasons this hip and diverse school does everything so well is the very square-looking principal. That man defines Non-Anxious Presence. He has everyone working together well, despite the greatest variety of race national origin and socio-economic status you will find in any school in Vacationland. He held on through the birth control scandal and continues to field questions from media about it 18 months later.

He can keep his head while all about him are losing theirs.

Here's what he wrote home to parents today after describing the preventive measures they are taking to fend off the impending (as my friend Jane Dark put it earlier) A-Pork-alypse:

I think the weather will be a great ally here too. Kids who get lots of fresh air and exercise are bound to be better able to handle any flu. At this point we have over 200 students involved in after school sports and many who play sports before school…Our PE program will also be outside for most of the rest of the year.

As parents you can help us out by keeping your child out of school if they are ill as apparently this flu is passed on by person-to-person contact through coughing and sneezing. Please let us know if your child is diagnosed by your Doctor with flu. I know you are likely encouraging your kids to shut off the inside toys and get outside and run around. To me this is the best prevention we can all do.

I love Principal M. Even if he did tell #1 Son to take off that silly flower he wore behind his ear at 8th grade graduation…

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  1. I love this.
    Personally I am torn between being concerned and thinking that we are way into over reaction. As someone posted on FB today, over 400,000 have died from malaria this year, and regular flu has killed thousands as well. Does swine flu really pose that much greater peril?

  2. I really don’t know, RDM. I think at this time of year (as Principal M. points out) we have open windows and sunshine in our favor. On the other hand, Light Princess has a cough and sore throat (no fever, though, and good energy) and we are headed to the Doctor for the last appointment of the day.

  3. I have not been able to bring myself to care/worry too much… distracted by parental drama and only dealing w/ the wee girl’s constantly runny nose. I’m sure if she had anything more than that I’d be flying off the handle.
    Also, I’m glad that Principal M is appreciated by parents as much as he is by his faculty. 😉

  4. My kids have been lucky to attend schools with similar principal…only sadly they always left for another job and the one(s) who followed was not as wonderful…lucky you to have him for all your kids….
    I work at a church 45 minutes north of Mexico. We have an elderly population, people who are at risk for serious issues with any flu…I hope some common sense hygiene keeps us all healthy…in the mean time, I am not panicking….will wait and see.
    Aporkalypse is funny….David Letterman accidently said, “Fline Su” last night, that was funny too….

  5. I just got a request from someone in my congregation that we cancel the passing of the peace until further notice. (Note: I live many, many miles from the border.) Do you think Principal M could come up here and knock some sense into them?
    In a non-anxious way, of course.

  6. Yes, I believe he could.
    Please be sure to elevate the hand sanitizer before you break the break on Sunday, okay?

  7. Yay for Expeditionary Learning, and yay for your principal too. I always love to hear stories like that. Hope EL Princess (sorry, a pun) is just fine.

  8. He does sound like a great guy… but I’ll bet the silly flower was cool and could have stayed!

  9. The silly flower wasn’t cool. But he shouldn’t have cared that I was wearing it, regardless.

  10. Really! I am more than ever a fan of #1 Son, knowing that he was wearing an ear flower for graduation.
    I bet it was RAKISH. 🙂

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