A-Croc-Alypse Now


What does it say about our world that people are on TV giving the following advice:

"If you're sick, don't go to work or to school. Stay home."


"Wash your hands."

What's the most obvious thing you've heard today?

7 thoughts on “Flu-zee”

  1. Living as close to Mexico as I do…I’ve heard all of those plus: don’t go to church….
    but the most obvious for me today is, “nap?”

  2. What’s the most obvious thing you’ve heard today?
    “meow.” (which is to say, “i’m hungry” or “pet me now” or “no, pet ME” or “please quit petting me as i am sleepy and want to sleep.”) [no human interaction much today, as i stayed home from church and have the house to myself today. no tv or radio, either.]

  3. So, concretegodmother, you took the advice to stay home from church? Very wise. Very wise, indeed. Somehow I don’t think it will work for me…

  4. Well, those are two obvious pieces of advice, but you would be surprised (or would you?) at how many people don’t follow them.

  5. Both of those. I’ve also been amused/nonplussed by CNN’s insistence on covering the fact that in Mexico, health advisors are warning people not to kiss each other. I completely understand why; my annoyance is with the American headlines that seem to want to sensationalize it.

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