Luke, Poetry

He Walked Ahead

(Thinking about Emmaus…)

He walked

As if he were
going on,

the man they did
not know.

They liked the way
he talked;

They wanted more
and called:

Stay with us,
break bread with us.

(We hold on, tell
our stories,

Remember who and

He broke the

They knew him

But he was going

(and how will

4 thoughts on “He Walked Ahead”

  1. I’m preaching the Emmaus text this week instead of the lectionary and wrote this for the bulletin cover.

  2. lovely. i like the parentheticals. the emmaus story is one of the most compelling in the bible, at least to me.

  3. I know I must have heard it growing up, but the first time I heard it as a pastor, about six years ago, it came into my consciousness in a different way, and I keep finding new ways to talk about it. (At least I hope I have a new way to talk about it!)

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