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I Dreamed a Dream

Last night I dreamed about Molly.

I've been both hoping and fearing a dream about her. As a "graduate" of Jungian analysis, I spent many years writing down my dreams and contemplating them. They mean things to me.

In the dream, I found Molly inside the house across the street. It's a lovely house, a gracious house, and she seemed perfectly at home, curled in a pretty chair. She looked beautiful and did not seem to be in pain. I followed her to the front door, where she waited to greet other visitors. I thanked my neighbor for taking such good care of her. He spread his hands as if to say it was nothing (the real neighbor is a man of few words), then said, "I'm glad to."

I knew I had to leave her there.

She had crossed over, you see, to the other side.

When I woke and remembered the dream I felt relief and sadness and joy.

11 thoughts on “I Dreamed a Dream”

  1. Oh, Songbird. This brought tears to my eyes. I am so glad there was joy and relief mixed with the sadness, and will continue to think of you and Molly often.
    ~Kiska the Golden Retriever’s Mother

  2. Songbird, what a poignant dream! I thought as I read, “What a blessing to be able to say that the Lord of Life is your neighbor…”
    Sending you love+

  3. Glad you had that dream. The one I had of Cub was a turning point for me.
    …tears flowing…

  4. Sigh.
    Just having some tears for you now…for your relief and deep sadness…and joy.
    lots of love and hope from the pack at my house…even the kittehs…….

  5. I love that dream, Martha. A night or two after my first dog, Sarg, died, I had a dream that my mom, who died when I was a little girl, came to the back door and took Sarg for a walk. I woke feeling better knowing he was back with Mom. He was pretty solitary dog but stayed close to Mom’s side when she was gravely ill, so it felt like things came full circle. As with your dream, it was bittersweet closure.

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