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Go West

Feelin-hot-hot-hot Tomorrow in the wee hours, I leave for the airport on my way to the RevGalBlogPals Big Event 2.0 in Scottsdale, Arizona. This week of vacation and continuing education comes at just the right time for me, as I feel a little used-up after Lent.

To celebrate spring and this trip out of town, I had a pedicure yesterday. The color is OPI’s “Feelin’ Hot-Hot-Hot.” I love it!

Today I am cooking five days of meals for Sam. This is no small thing. He will eat, over those five days:

  • 30 cups of rice
  • 7.5 cups of chicken
  • 7.5 cups of ground beef
  • 5 eggs
  • 10 bananas
  • 7.5 cups of cooked carrots
  • 5 tablespoons of flax oil
  • 5 tablespoons of olive oil

I’ll be sending along yogurt and vitamin pills, too. (He’s doing very well on his new food plan, has regained some of the weight he lost, but not too much.)

We haven’t used this kennel for a while because they keep the dogs very active and while they would have done whatever we needed for Molly, Molly expected to run and have fun there and would have been unhappy in the Old Dogs Room. The kennel property includes extensive woods, and a big romp forms part of each morning and afternoon. Sam and Molly used to sleep in the “TV Room” on a futon couch together, as they were well-behaved guests. I’m told they enjoyed watching Air Bud, though I’m dubious about that.

Meanwhile, Pure Luck will be in another western location, nowhere near where I will be, which seems odd and incorrect, but cannot be helped. My trip has been planned for many months, while his job came up at the last minute. I have a new electronic tool (an iPod Touch) which I hope will enable us to stay in touch while I’m away if we cannot talk on the phone due to our differing schedules.

I’m really looking forward to being warm, to swimming in the pool, or at least standing around in it, to walking a labyrinth, to seeing old friends and to meeting new ones. I’m packing my Kindle and some knitting, as always.

I’ll try to post, but I can’t promise I’ll achieved graceful keyboarding skills so soon.

11 thoughts on “Go West”

  1. We can certainly stand/sit around the pool – but the water, unheated, may still be too cold…we’ll see – regardless it will great!

  2. Bless you, bless you, for taking this time– to breathe deep, to create and re-create, to connect… may you revel in it!
    (And a nose-touch of appreciation to Samwise, too. May he have a lovely time at camp, complete with the taste of home!)

  3. I favor “Kinky in Helsinki,” myself, but I know you will be Hot, Hot, Hot!
    Love to you. ENJOY!

  4. may your time be wonderful… and of course you will be hot-hot-hot… stylin’ hot…. so envious. must check calendar more carefully before schehduling big holy sacramental shin-dig on the weekend after easter… what was i thinkin?

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