Rheumatoid Arthritis

Good News

Rheumatologist to me this afternoon: "If my colleagues came in here and examined you, they would not be able to get the diagnosis without looking at your meds list. You are doing that well. With no swelling, I can't see that you are at any risk for damage."

And that is the good news this Easter Monday.

31 thoughts on “Good News”

  1. Whoopee! And I bet the trip to AZ will make you feel even better.

  2. YEAH!!!!!
    Great news. Congratulations and prayers for continued good health.

  3. as good news go, that is pretty wonderful really.
    Still smiling here 🙂 xxxxxx

  4. Hooray, congrats, and. . . .it’s due to be in the FIFTIES even up here in the DownEasterly bits so I hope you’ll get some warm weather too!

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