The Weather Report

Currently in City By the Sea, it's 39 and blustery, going below freezing tonight.

But on the other hand, as mompriest pointed out in an email, "Here is the 10 day forecast for Scottsdale: Thurs. H 75, L
49; Fri. H 80 L 54; Sat. H86 L58; Sun H88, L 58; Mon H 90 L 60 AND SUNNY every

That's what *I'm* talking about! BE 2.0, here I come!

7 thoughts on “The Weather Report”

  1. and just as a case in point of how much I have adjusted…I was concerned that the weather might be too cold for your expectations…

  2. I’ll be there, too!
    It’s 68 degrees here, raining and breezy.
    I hear it’s dry in AZ. I don’t know what this means? Not 80% humidity everyday?

  3. I’ll hold down the fort up here in the Frozen Northlands…and with these winds, I’d BETTER hold it down, ’cause it’s threatening to blow away, just like my greenhouse did LAST April!

  4. Maybe next year I will join you. Guess I should join RevGals first, eh? Songbird, I’ll see you this summer!

  5. Next year….really. Let’s go to NYC. We can have it my seminary. Seriously.

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