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A brief note on books

Did I ever mention that I read The Audacity of Hope? Let me say in short that anyone who complained they did not know what Barack Obama stood for, as well as anyone who is surprised by his actions thus far as President, clearly did not read this book, which sets out his thoughts on just about everything in very plain English. As a writer, his descriptions are evocative and his reflections on his own life honest and thoughtful. The policy portions are not riveting. I read this one on my Kindle, which I continue to enjoy using. (This book is out of order on my sidebar, but we'll call it #12.)

Book #13 was a speedy re-read of Persuasion, because sometimes the only place to go is Miss Austen's house.

Book #14 was also a re-read. In 2002, Snowman appeared as The Little Boy in a production of Ragtime. I read the book that summer and after listening to the CD for the first time in a long time, I wanted to read it again. It's wonderful. Doctorow weaves his fictional characters in and around dynamic historical figures. For me it brings back a happy summer in our family life, and I appreciated the opportunity to go into the book's world and my past, too.

Finally, I'm continuing to review books for The Ooze. The next book will be Bart Erhman's Jesus, Interrupted. If you would be interested, you may read sample chapters here, or you can watch the author talking about the book here.

2 thoughts on “A brief note on books”

  1. Songbird– I’m not allowing myself to tackle “The Audacity of Hope” until I finish wading through “Saving Paradise” (Parker & Brock).
    I did finally read “Homecoming” last week, though. I found it intriguing and very disturbing by turns. I lived for a summer in Eastern Washington, very close to where the book takes place. The town I stayed in had a similar tragedy to the book’s train wreck–in real life, it was a busload of schoolchildren that went into the half-frozen lake. As I was reading, that real-life tragedy kept haunting me and lurking around the edges. Usually I love to read books based in familiar landscapes, but this time it was TOO close, and very unsettling.
    Guess I’ll go back to nonfiction and biblical studies for a bit. I need some distance!

  2. I’m just now reading Jesus, Interrupted on my kindle! (I’m about 40% of the way through and I like it.)

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