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Sam turned 6 on Tuesday, and this morning we went for a visit and a country walk with his breeder and his litter sister, Gabby (on the left). Aren't they cute together?

Homecoming 2009 004

I learned that Gabby has tummy issues, too, as does their full sister from another litter. Food allergies seems to be the diagnosis. They are doing well on a fish and potato kibble. I may try this when we seem to get him more stable (it's still touch and go).

I also learned he's the spitting image of his Uncle Otey, who was also tall for a Berner and a famed sock eater, too.

I kind of wish those things didn't run in families.

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  1. Oh, dear. Sock eating runs in families…and tummy troubles also run in the genes? (C’mon, you TOTALLY set that one up.) 😉

  2. beautiful. as you may know, I love Berners….sigh…my sweet Roxie just turned 11…and my wild Ruby will be 7 in July…

  3. Portia’s puppy Olivia also has food allergies. I have to keep that fish (or venison) and sweet potato food in the house for her visits. Beatrice doesn’t seem to mind eating it, too. However all that fish definitely gives Olivia shrimp-breath!

  4. That’s a wonderful photo.
    My Smokey has a beef allergy. Food allergies in dogs are no fun. I hope you figure out a good diet for Sam.

  5. how delightfully adorable they are! what fabulous colors they are. wish i was having dog issues right now. we’re overrun with cats these days, several of which are interlopers from the neighbors, who apparently have decided that spaying and neutering their animals is an unnecessary luxury. the evening yowls and spats are becoming ridiculous. i’m about ready to go get another big old golden retriever just to help reclaim our back yard! none of our goldens has ever had a food allergy, though countersurfing was an occasional vice of our last one. no sock-eating to report either (though one of our cats is fond of stealing things from the table and carrying it around the house or to the backyard as a trophy; we’ve found potholders, an ipod cover, a car-washing sponge, and untold articles of trash!).
    thanks, too, for all of your recent comments. i appreciate them.

  6. Some mighty odd stuff runs in my family, too.
    That Sam is a Looker!

  7. Oh, shrimp breath, that sounds tiresome! But not as tiresome as cleaning up stuff that is un-pick-up-able.

  8. great photo. Scout has food allergies, too. She’s doing well now on potato and rabbit. we laugh about that since she has been known to catch a rabbit on her own, occasionally.

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