A-Croc-Alypse Now, The Inner Landscape

The Live-Apart Life

In this time of the A-Croc-alypse, there is good news and bad news.

Good news: Pure Luck has another job this spring. We are becoming concerned that his supposedly recession-proof profession is not so much that, and the key will be stringing together multiple jobs in the “spring” (which starts in late winter in the south and continues nearly til summer elsewhere), since the “fall” season is considerably shorter.

Bad news: the job starts immediately after the current one, and he has to drive directly from the Empire State to a place 2600 miles to the west, which not surprisingly will make a trip home impossible. We’ll see him again in June.

(If you’ve already seen me moping about this on Twitter or Facebook, please don’t feel you have to sympathize across multiple formats.)

This is the life we live.

A couple of years ago someone suggested I start thinking of the times he is away as my regular life, and the times he is home as a bonus. I tried that. But honestly, it’s hard not to think of the times when the person you love is home as the norm.

It’s hard.

I realize I’m in a much better position than people whose loved ones are in harm’s way. I don’t consider a nuclear power plant to be harm’s way, in case you’re wondering, especially since his job is to monitor safety in the areas where he works.

For Pure Luck, this means a trip to a new place, in a general area of the country that he has visited but not recently. He’ll enjoy exploring things.

And I don’t know if you have noticed this, but people need to work in these trying times.

So, for the next two months, Light Princess and I will enjoy sushi and bags of salad and girl-oriented Netflix and American Idol and walking the dog. This has been normal, with a two week interlude of having Snowman here. It will become normal again.

It will.

I mean it.

And just when it becomes so comfortably normal I’ve almost forgotten how to live with a partner at all, he’ll be home!

That’s the live-apart life, in the time of the A-Croc-alypse.

15 thoughts on “The Live-Apart Life”

  1. (((((SB))))
    As someone who was once married to a submariner who was gone three months out of every six, I sort of get it.
    May June come quickly!!!

  2. The downside of Twitter and all the virtual communication formats is that they don’t produce all those wonderful love letters for people to tie up with a velvet ribbon and read over and over and over again. I found such tangible tokens very reassuring when I was long parted from my Love. Then again, love letters end up having the same problems as any other bit of scripture… dangers of misplaced context and re-interpretation!

  3. if it were not for the current state of affairs in the econ. i do think perhaps i’d be closer to dolce or he’d be closer to me… perhaps we could just get married and keep our jobs where they are… for now. bwahaaaabaaaa but there i go gettin’ all cinderella again…
    time with daughter… priceless.

  4. ((((Songbird))))
    And wondering if he’s headed to the nuclear power plant that’s a few miles from my parents’ home.

  5. That really does sound hard, Songbird.
    Heart hug to you…

  6. More virtual *hugs*
    I’m sorry this is so rough, even when intellectually it is part of a Good Thing. Take care of yourself.

  7. Much sympathy, Songbird. I’m only separated from Dear Friend for half of each week and I find that very, very difficult. Prayers for both of you…

  8. I couldn’t do it. (I guess you do what you have to.) The away times would generate a lot, just to get through. Words won’t do it here….jlh

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