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Pushing Through

It's March 27th, and it's still pretty gloomy here. The snow piles, while smaller, look filthy. The sky is grey. We had rain overnight.

But in the flower bed, signs of spring are pushing through.

Signs of Spring 002

Signs of Spring 004

Signs of Spring 006

Signs of Spring 007

Signs of Spring 008

Should I rake up these leaves, gently? I suppose so. And it might be a good idea to get the broom out, too.

A-Croc-alypse Now

6 thoughts on “Pushing Through”

  1. Seems like Jesus said, “If God so clothes…” Can we extrapolate from that, that if God gives fragile leaves and tiny seeds the chutspah (however you spell it) to sprout while the chill of winter still lingers, God gives to God’s human children grit as well to break through the winter of discontent? Anyway, it makes snese to me. Wonderful pics!


  2. Yes, it’s happening here too — in fact by the Bank of America’s south-facing brick wall there are dozens of crocuses up. Yay!


  3. I love the hope in the crocuses and the humor in the crocs. What serendipity that they are the same color.


  4. Yay! Spring in Maine! It’s such a wonderful feeling to see those shoots coming up. New life. Resurrection of the once dormant. Just in time for Palm Sunday and Easter coming up. :c)


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