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Shopping List

"How can young people keep their way pure?"

Psalm 119 poses the eternal question, but around the young people in my house today, the better question might be, "How can the mid-life mother keep her way pure?" And the answer might be, "By following the example of the young."

Snowman brought his friend, J, home for part of spring vacation. We've had the delight of listening to both the clarinet and the bassoon being practiced upstairs, and this afternoon they will transplant themselves to Snowman's grandfather's house so he can listen to them at their work. They encourage one another to maintain some discipline, even on a break.

They forage around the kitchen looking for, I swear to you, healthy food!

They carry on long conversations about the future and try to get perspective on the always puzzling and sometimes disappointing college audition/application process.

They walk the dog and soak in the sunshine.

The other night, they went to the symphony.

It's a good break for them, two whole weeks of sleeping a little later than their 8 a.m. classes would allow while at school, eating food cooked by people who care for them and by themselves.

The bag of apples and the bag of mandarin oranges are nearly empty, the bananas are gone; it's time for a trip to the grocery store. As we near the end of Lent, we all need fuel for keeping the way pure.

5 thoughts on “Shopping List”

  1. My stepson won’t drink any coffee that isn’t “fair trade.” He studied about the global economy and he’s taking a stand on that. And he won’t drink coffee out of a paper cup.
    He’s also looking for healthy food.
    And very committed to doing justice.

  2. Wow… that is very inspiring! Larry-O has, in the last year, made a change from primarily playing video games while he’s home to primarily playing his guitar… hours and hours. I absolutely love it. The other day when I was emptying out my room for the painting project he serenaded me the whole time. It was lovely.
    Snowman is very cool.

  3. Spring break here too. I can relate to your post — I know I definitely feel more optimistic about the future of the planet after being around my college age kids.

  4. Wow! What an inspiring and encouraging post. Thanks for sharing it with us.

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