I Sing the Body Electric, Poetry

Disperse the Qi

We wave our arms,
stretching, our hands circling

As we stand on the
painted floor and practice.

Next to me
stands  a tall slim figure

Whose graceful
fingers seem made for this,

Stroking the air
with love.


We draw energy into
our bodies,

Embracing the world,
or even the universe,

Stretching out to
bring in stardust,

To bring in some of
what we are already.


wrists,  knees and ankles revolve

drawing energy to
the center

The place where my
hands rest

One on the other,


I watch them as they
circle away and back

As they expand an
imaginary ball–

Although I close my
eyes and see the colors

Changing from purple
to black.


My fingers, short
and plump, move through the air

The light seems to
come through them.

They move and draw
in and push out

Perhaps with their
own grace,

as I disperse the Qi.

5 thoughts on “Disperse the Qi”

  1. So lovely Songbird… I too am experiencing some of this these days.
    Thank you.
    Pax, C.

  2. Splendid! In other news, you would enjoy (if you have not seen) PresbyGal’s post of a YouTube video about the woman who experienced Nirvana. Having watched it at noon yesterday, it informed my evening yoga practice.

  3. Completely unrelated, how much did you enjoy BSG last Friday? I cried and cried… And thought it was a wonderful ending… My “sleep” was thinking through all the permutations of that ending… One of my favorite books is called “A World Too Wide” by Gregory MacDonald… Every time I read it, when I finish, I want to flip back to the beginning and read it again — the story takes on so much more depth when you gain the understanding that the ending gives you… And so with BSG, with which my interest has ebbed and waned, I wanted to now go back to the beginning and understand and absorb the characters and the story so much more fully.

  4. i’m late to this party, but this is lovely indeed. i love the part about the lady’s graceful fingers which were obviously made for this practice. i’m always transfixed by the fingers of others.

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