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Weekend Reading

I finished two more books over the weekend.

Book #10 — Sense and Sensibility, by Jane Austen — In my continued escape from Sad Planet Earth, I dove into another Austen favorite, and really enjoyed revisiting Barton Cottage and the Dashwood family. It's hard to say who in the book I love most. I've become very fond of re-reading all of Lucy Steele's scenes; what an awful person she is! I put the Ang Lee film on my Netflix queue and look forward to escaping once more with this same cast of characters (especially Alan Rickman as Colonel Brandon, but you knew that).

I read this one on my Kindle, giving my wrists a break.

Book #11 — The Truro Bear and Other Adventures, by Mary Oliver — This is a collection of poems new and old, including all the Percy poems. I spent a happy afternoon exploring the woods and the shoreline with Mary and Percy and particularly enjoyed an essay about spiders, as well as the poem "The Truro Bear."

This I read in an actual book. Poetry would lose something in the layout, and I like to have her books to keep anyway.

What have you been reading?

4 thoughts on “Weekend Reading”

  1. I’ve just finished skimming through Kathleen Norris’ “Acedia & Me.” I found it interesting in parts but fairly repetitive and overly academic. It’s due back at the library today, so I have made my peace w/ the fact that I didn’t *really* read it and probably never will.

  2. Alan Rickman is a joy to behold. That’s my profound comment for the day.
    I also love Mary Oliver. Her poems seem so natural, as if they had grown out of the ground and were perfectly happy just to be.
    I am reading something called The Court of the Air, which is like Charles Dickens mixed with Science Fiction.

  3. Ahhhhh. . . I am recollecting the *joy* of spending about 3 hours on Saturday in the sun in my study, finishing a bespoke sweater as I listened to Greta Schaachi (sp?) read Persuasion. I despise finishing, but the delight of that reading makes me almost wish for more to do to repeat the experience!
    Also just finished Frances Hodgson Burnett’s novel for grownups called The Shuttle. Skimmed a good deal but enjoyed it a lot; also am reading Katie Fforde, who writes acceptable British fluff. . . Fluff is my way of surviving March, which is a brutally busy teacher month with challenging weather!

  4. I’m reading a really delightful book called The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Society. It’s a novel, told in letters, about a writer who explores what happened during the Nazi occupation of Guernsey during WWII, but it’s not as grim as a lot of war literature. The various people who write letters to her are all vivid characters and it makes for fun reading.

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