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Five Years Later

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I'm a day late, but yesterday marked five years of regular blogging for me. I signed into Blogger for the first time in February of 2003, but after 3 posts, forgot I was doing that thing, and took more than a year to remember again.

(That purple me came from a picture taken at my ordination in 2002, when I had long, long hair.)

On March 15, 2004, I wrote about FAFSA, and the way the step-dad becomes the dad for those forms, something we're exploring now with a different child. I described the way Pure Luck related as daddy to the dogs, both young then, just 2 and not quite 1:

"They plow their tail-wagged bodies into him the way an excited toddler runs to daddy at the end of the day."

I remember loving the writing of that sentence, without thinking then it might be read by others.

Five years later, still writing about dogs and children and church and books and music and marriage, I wonder how much longer blogging will be a thing people do? The time-insensitive means of connecting still takes time, for the composition of thoughts and the reading of paragraphs and the effort of clicking through to comment despite the vagaries of Typepad or Haloscan. We seem to be moving to the 140-character updates of Twitter, the social networking of Facebook, and while I am adapting to those realms, I have loved and continue to love finding jewels of personal expression on the blogs I still read.

Some of my first blogging "friends" are real friends now, familiar faces even if not seen in person frequently. I did not expect that; I'm not sure what I expected. I know blogging became exciting for me because of the personal connections, the sense that I did not live isolated, that other people understood the struggles or the hopes of a clergywoman in a first call and a second marriage with three children at home. Of those friends, some still blog often, while others appear sporadically or have redefined themselves along the way. I'm on my third title, my second blogging platform, and number new friends among the old. I've loved watching friendships and groups form and re-form, loved being part of it.

I'll keep writing, about scripture and knitting and relationships and church, how I am now the mother of an adult and two teenagers, just one dog and two cats, no longer Mommy to anyone, closer to 50 than 40, wondering what the next five years will bring.

19 thoughts on “Five Years Later”

  1. Happy Blogiversary!!
    And there is a qualitative difference between FB and blogs. Something in the depth of knowledge, the level of discussion. I haven’t tried Twitter but I suspect the same holds. After all how deep can you get in that few characters?

  2. I didn’t realize our blogversaries were just one day apart! Great minds running in the same track?
    Many happy returns and thank you for an outstanding blog!

  3. I’m so glad you blog. I just love reading what you have to say. You take what can happen to any of us and elevate it into the sublime. Thank you, and here’s to five more years!

  4. Yours was either the first blog I read or the first one outside the family (I can’t recall exactly when Cordeliaknits started blogging). It finally inspired me to do my own. Blogging and reading blogs is a great way for introverts like me to connect with people!

  5. I am glad you’re blogging–congratulations on your blogiversary!
    I haven’t started tweeting yet, and I’m not so sure that 140 character updates are a good replacement for blogging–sometimes I need to work things out in words, and I enjoy reading what others write a great deal as well.
    Even as I write this I’m not sure exactly what I’m going to do about my blog–someone in my parish has found me. I’ve tried to be discreet about what I’ve said there, but I know I’ve said things about work I’d rather parishioners not read. This person said to me “I’ve really enjoyed reading your blog” in a very sincere way….so I don’t know how much she’s read….
    At any rate, I don’t want to take it down, but we’ll see
    Sorry to highjack your comments, but cleary I can’t blog this or talk about it on FB! Ack. Maybe this is a signal that I need to keep things to myself?

  6. And I just went back and read that first post–made me a little misty! Thanks for sharing yourself with us!

  7. Oh my friend, I really do thank God that this blog was born & that somehow we happened upon one another – so nuch has flowed from that. Love you & your blog. Happy Anniversary 🙂

  8. i still say i like the blogosphere neighborhood that has developed… now let me pass you some of the fresh ripe strawberries i came across today (quite unexpectedly!)

  9. Happy Blogoversary! I’m awfully glad to know you, and to keep knowing you.

  10. Congratulations on the milestone.
    I’m still avoiding the social networking sites. I’m just afraid they will become too addictive.

  11. Happy, happy blogiversary my friend. Your blog was one of the first I found, and your wisdom and grace here inspires me always. It’s been more than a pleasure to become your cyber friend. Keep on blogging. :c)

  12. I am so glad your writing brought you back into my life in such a profound and beautiful way. I love you very much.

  13. I’m grateful to be a blog acquaintance–to learn from your insights, to laugh witih you and weep with you, commiserate and rejoice in common vocational exploits, and broaden my horizons through the worlds and wisdom of a sister blogger. Keep on, I say!

  14. As someone who has recently dived into the blogging thing, I admire your sticking to it. I think it’s very generous of you to share. Congratulations!

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