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Area Mom Freaking Out for No Reason Again

Bullet points of a trip to the vet:

  • Yes, Sam threw up.
  • Yes, he cleaned it up himself leaving only traces on the hardwood by the back door.
  • Yes, he seemed a little urpy and odd.
  • Yes, his mama freaked out.
  • Yes, he had to ride in the car to the emergency vet with his mama and girl.
  • Yes, they have moved to a new facility, but thankfully not far from the old one, and we managed to get there.
  • Yes, he had an x-ray (newfangled and digital).
  • Yes, he worried the vet by trembling and having a fast-beating heart.
  • Yes, when the vet mentioned anti-depressants I thought he meant FOR the dog, but he really meant might Sam have gotten into some, and I said, that's the one thing we DON'T have around the house, although Lord knows, some days a little anti-anxiety medication might not be a bad plan. (One for Sam, one for me, and so forth.)
  • No, the x-ray didn't show anything awful.
  • No, he did not bloat.
  • Yes, they gave him some anti-nausea meds.
  • And yes, his mama paid the bill.
  • Because, seriously? His mama freaked out for no reason, again.

19 thoughts on “Area Mom Freaking Out for No Reason Again”

  1. Ack, just taking a kid to the after hours peds clinic…glad Sam is okay, sorry for the stress for you!

  2. Well, it’s just scary, that’s all. Maybe he’s dealing with Molly’s absence in his own way too? So glad to hear all was well. Whew. Hugs to mom.

  3. If area moms did not freak out for no good reason, how would The Onion be so funny?
    Glad he is okay.

  4. He seems okay this morning, slept well (probably due to the sleepifying effect of the anti-nausea meds), ate his breakfast and is still a little sleepy-seeming. Wish I’d taken him with me to church last night instead of leaving him home with LP. It might not have mattered, but might have saved a visit to the ER.

  5. It’s fortunately been a long time since we had to visit the doggie ER, but I dread the place… not least because of the $$$$$$$$$$ for just walking thru the door. Glad Sam is ok!

  6. # Yes, Sam threw up.
    # Yes, he cleaned it up himself…
    “That’s nice,” I thought; “she knows how to raise well-behaved, responsible kids.”
    Then I remembered that Sam was a dog, and then I realized what “cleaned it up himself” meant.
    That did not help me enjoy my breakfast. 😉
    I’m glad he’s OK, though.

  7. Goodness, you are so me with this! How many times has a medical person said to you “We’d rather it be nothing than you not come in at all and it’s something?”

  8. Given the recent loss of Molly, it’s perfectly natural to freak out. And when your dog or child is concerned, it’s always better to overreact than not act at all.
    If Sam’s anything like my Lily (they both have sensitive tummies), he may have eaten some plant leaves. Lily munches on the giant hibiscus (it is in the dining room) whenever she gets the chance, which is why I try to block the dining room off. This morning, she forced her way in there and within seconds of her first swallow I heard that familiar sound (my cousin once panicked at the sound of a bread machine because he thought it was his dog heaving). And no, Lily doesn’t clean up after herself. She left that lovely task for me.
    So check out any plants you have within Sam’s considerable reach and see if there are any tell-tale bite marks. If so, move the plant, then ask the vet if it could have caused Sam’s symptoms. I hope the boy is feeling better soon!

  9. i’m probably a bad mama for not taking the cat in, every time she barfs. which happens frequently, but i’ve come to think of it as one of those things.
    but this wasn’t normal; who would do differntly? snorgles to sam and mom.

  10. So with you. My last freak out for no reason trip cost $489. yay.
    The emergency vet place? Misery. First time I went was with a dog that had eaten rat poison (oh yes) and he slipped the leash outside the door and I had to chase him all over farking Carrollton at 10 pm.
    He was ok, btw. That was a long time ago…my dogs are not as good at escape; good because my knees are going!

  11. Given Sam’s history of eating things that are definitely not food and the recent diet changes, I’d say you did the wise thing. Glad to hear he’s feeling better.

  12. Last time I did not take my pet in, she died.
    So, I tend to freak out also. Glad Sam is doing well.

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