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Heavy Snow, Light Hearts

It snowed again last night, a heavy, heavy snow. I wish I had different words for the kinds of snow, the way I have for rain: mist and mizzle and drizzle. Since Pure Luck left 8 days ago, there have been three unique storms, each causing a need for the shovel. First we had snow followed by rain, then we had light fluffy snow, and today I woke up to see the world blanketed.

Blanketed, or perhaps comfortered, by snow — oh! — so heavy to lift, the kind of snow with the highest moisture content, not separate rain as we had last week, leaving puddles in the snow, but wet, wet snow that sticks to the shovel when you try to flip it off.

Last night, Snowman and his father drove back from Beantown after an audition, through the storm, a hair-raising adventure, or so I'm told. Today, Snowman and I got out early and began on the driveway. He had to catch a bus to a plane to another plane. Despite his nickname, two winters in Mitten-Shaped State have decreased his enthusiasm for the white stuff. A ridiculously long line at the bus station contributed to a general air of inconvenience.

But the mail brought something that lightened our hearts, and now that he has gotten the news via cell phone, sitting at O'Hare, I'll share it with you: he's been accepted at one of his favorite schools!!

If you've been reading here for a while, you may remember his disappointment when his clarinet teacher left Land o' Lakes Arts Academy to teach at a university music school. This led Snowman to apply at that school, one he might not have considered otherwise. His visit two weeks ago went well; he loved City Limits and the U campus (yes, that's a hint–better nicknames if he ends up going there).

So, woohoo! An acceptance at a school he likes, with a teacher he loves!! We can stop worrying now, as worrying families tend to do.

And finish filling out financial aid forms…yes, FAFSA, I hear you calling my name. But my heart is light, even so.

21 thoughts on “Heavy Snow, Light Hearts”

  1. Woo Hoo!!!!
    Or Howdy Podna!
    It is so nice when the rest of the world recognizes the talent and wonder of our children.

  2. Oh, it’s so exciting (and such a relief) as a parent when you see your kid’s future falling into place.
    Congrats to Snowman!

  3. Yes, he’ll be able to thaw out a bit down there. But the best part is… nobody needs to be embarrassed about their connections with Land O’ Yellow Roses now that Obama’s in charge!

  4. That is a darned good school!!! Congrats.
    One of my students got her master’s there. Her prof had some amazing connections and got her a full scholarship to Aspen as a result. She had a great experience at that University, although she never quite got used to the culture. 🙂
    Congrats to Snowman!!!

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