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Dear People who are Friends of my Mama,

Today, I had a good day.

Today, I got two good meals. In the morning time, I got my new breakfast, which is OATMEAL plus YOGURT plus BANANA plus YELLOW OIL CALLED FLAXES.

I like it. Also I got an extra BANANA. I love them. A lot.

Later, we got in the car, my Girl, my Mama and me, SAM.

We drove.

We went to the church. I did that before. I went with my Mama and she talked to people in her office. They petted me, and I mostly liked it. Some of them smelled funny to me, and some of them smelled very, very right.

Today was different. There were a lot of people. We went in the big room, and there were lots and lots of chairs, and lots of people came in, and a man I met on a different day came and played music on the music box thing with pedals.

I met a nice lady who said, "Molly!" but my Mama said, "This is Molly's brother, Sam." And the lady petted me.

A lot of people wanted to pet me. I let them.

Another lady asked if I could sing? She should know Molly was a special girl who sang. I bark, and only at home, and only when someone comes to the door. I would never bark at church. That would be RUDE. Molly's singing was NOT barking. She was never RUDE.

I miss Molly.

My Mama put on black clothes with a colored thing hanging around her neck. She sat in a chair while the music played and I went to a seat with my Girl. My Mama stood up and talked and EVERYONE listened.

Then music started again, and everyone stood up, holding black books, and I stood up, too. My mama stood next to me and showed me with her hand that I could sit, so I sat and she stood by me and sang a song while she held her book.

Later I went upstairs with my Girl and some other big children and they had "Sunday School." The teacher had pretty hair. I liked her. She talked about palms and how they get burned into ashes for Ash Wednesday.

After Sunday School, we went back to the big room, and people had snacks. My Girl and a Big Boy took me for a walk outside in case I needed to do Bidness. Two ladies who know a lot about dogs told my Girl to look for an UPRIGHT. They just don't understand. Doing Bidness outside the church would be VERY RUDE. I waited until home.

Then they had a meeting. I waited patiently by my Mama. I stood right next to her and looked very hard at a donut. If I slobbered, I'm sure you know why. Donuts are GOOD. A lady at church made them at her house. Finally, my Mama gave me some.

After church, we came home and took a long, long nap.

Then it was time for DINNER, the best meal of the day except for breakfast. Dinner is CHICKEN and RICE and CARROTS and OIL OF FISHES CALLED SALMONS.

Now we are having snows and waiting for our Boy to come home. He came home and went away, and he's coming home and then tomorrow he's going away. He confuses me. I like when he plays the black stick that makes music.

I hope he gets here soon, because I like to go to sleep early, but not until the family comes in and locks the door.

I hope you had a good day. Did you go to church?

Your friend,

19 thoughts on “MY ‘NOTHER DAY, by SAM”

  1. I (Cheesehead) did go to church. Tanner stayed home and then later Mister Mister gave him baffs. Tanner does not love baffs, but he loves snuggles after baffs. Right now he is having after-baff snuggles and watching something called Battlestar Doglactika on a light box in the office with his Mister Mister and his Wonder Girl Mama.

  2. Dear Sam,
    I did not go to church. I only get to go to church once a year when Fr. Clyde (he’s my friend) does pet blessing. I think they should do that every week.
    My mama won’t ever let me eat donut. It sounds good. I get capsules with oil of fishes every morning. My mama is teaching me to catch it in mid-air.
    Your friend from Illinois. Smokey.

  3. I love you, Sam. (TCP)
    Ollie and Andrew cats want to know: what is this whole “going to church” business all about? We don’t ever get to leave the house, though sometimes we run out the door when mama comes in, cuz we think that’s funny. But we always end up back inside cuz there’s no outside from our door. Going to church sounds like fun. we just know that mama leaves every day and comes back later. In between the leaving and the coming back, we take naps–sometimes on the chair, sometimes on the couch, sometimes on the bed, and sometimes in the spot of sun by the window. Once we played in the in between time and then took our naps, but mostly we just take naps. Then we can’t figure out why mama comes home and wants to take a nap–we already did that part! (O&A)

  4. Dear Sam,
    I did not go to church. He and She say I am too bouncy, plus our church is too Formal for dogs. I like bananas too! I got a Beef Bone from Bisson’s a couple of days ago, and I still have it. I will play in the snow tomorrow.
    Your friend someday,

  5. I did go to church, but I didn’t have a dog to go with me. Someday I hope I will!
    Glad you had such a good day!

  6. Dear Sam: You are so lucky. I only get to go to church for the blessing every year. Once Diane Snuck me in when she was alone in the church. But I think I would like to go to church and meet the People.
    Also, I have to steal BANANAS. Diane won’t give me one.
    Your friend (at least I hope so)
    P.S. what are your favorite toys? I have a pink bone with a squeaker.

  7. Teri,
    Please come to my house, because I love pretty ladies, and my Mama says you are, so I love you.
    I don’t care much about toys, but I do like sticks. On my walk yesterday I saw a middle-sized dog carrying a HUGE stick. I wanted one. Come to visit and my Mama will give you a banana. I promise. She can’t say no.
    My Mama says you don’t live far away. Maybe we could take a walk together.
    I can catch cookies in my mouf! It’s a good trick. My OIL of FISHES comes out of a bottle and gets squirted on my supper.
    Dogs like church. Be sure you get a church dog. I didn’t know I liked it until today.
    cheesehead, I remember you! Tell Tanner I said “Hi!”

  8. Hi Sam, I am glad you got to go to church. I have been to church before but not for a long time.
    You get lots of good things to eat! I like chicken and rice and oatmeal and yogurt and salmon! Sometimes I eat that flaxseed oil stuff too. But I don’t like carrots. They are too hard to chew. Mama won’t let me eat donuts but I bet I could get Daddy to give me a little bit. He can’t resist The Look.
    I hope your Boy is home now. Daddy went to see Grandmama and I will be glad when he comes back.
    Your friend,

  9. This is SAM. I said all those other things to dogs and ladies.
    Amie, my carrots are COOKED and they are DELICIOUS and NOT HARD AT ALL. You would love them.
    Your friend,

  10. Dear Sam —
    We (teh kittehs) are not allowed to go to church. People are ‘llergic, whatever that is. But we sneak into the office and help with that noisy machine mamma calls the “printer”. M likes to eat the paper, and CJ is scared by the noise. We want to know of your mama will come cook for us — ours says we are on die-ts. Then we help with the knitting. It is fun to bounce the balls of yarn down the stairs. Mama hates that!
    Love CJ and M

  11. CJ and M,
    I help my Mama with knitting.
    I eat it. But it gives me a tummy ache.
    Your friend,

  12. Um, SAM! Hi! It’s me, The Boy. Angus. Guess what I ate this week? A bunny! I caught it myself. Then I decided I didn’t want it anymore and I gave it back. On the carpet. Well, half of it on the carpet. The other half outside, a few minutes later. The Alpha cleaned it all up before The Typist got home. Except for the bunny fur stuck in the grass in the back yard. The wind blew that away later.
    I’ve never tried yarn, but if you say it gives you a tummy ache, I don’t think I will.
    Your friend,
    The Boy

  13. Hi, Angus!
    I never ate a bunny, but if you gave it back, it must not be good. One time I picked up a baby mole in my mouf, but it was already dead, and my Mama said put it down, and I did.
    Thanks for visiting me,
    Your friend,

  14. Hi, Sam! Sam!
    We didn’t go to church today; we only go once a year (like Smokey). We love that. Last time we had a babysitter girl there while our mama had choir practice! She was CUTE! She and her daddy waited outside with us.
    We are not as well trained as you (this is not our fault) so it’s probably better if we don’t go to church services. We get NERVISH. But we like dead things. Mama says EW.
    But our people went to church today. Daddy went to one fancy church and Mama visited a different church. Then she met Daddy at his church for ANOTHER service, called Evensong. Boudreaux (me) sings. I love to sing! I could sing with them.
    Mama liked the church she visited…it had a different kind of singing: the words were gender neutral. We don’t understand. She said the people were VERY very friendly and it was a happy place. That seems good!
    See you soon! Right? Come on down!
    Josie & Boudreaux

  15. Hi, Josie and Boudreaux~
    I think it might be too HOT for me where you live. I get NERVISH, too, but I try not to show it. Usually I think it’s time to leave whenever I hear the door.
    Your friend,

  16. Hi SAM! Our family went to church yesterday, but we are not allowed to go… Sometimes ‘Manda gets to visit the building when no one else is there and she tells us it’s HUGE and there are wonderful long open places to run up and down. So, instead of going to church, we stayed home — me, Jago, ‘Manda, and our two cousins who are staying with us for two weeks, Casco and Ceile. Casco and Ceile grouch at us a lot, so we don’t miss them much when they go home. But we got the last laugh — when Mom came home from church, she gave them both BATHS! This morning, our friends Sherpa and Shandy who look just like us and YOU, came to visit. There was a lot of muttering about SEVEN DOGS on cleaning lady day.
    We’re glad you got to go to church yesterday. Our Mom thinks that your being there probably helped your mom a lot. You sure are a good boy.
    Your friend, Tosca

  17. Hi, Tosca~
    Seven dogs is a LOT! Your house sounds like a fun place to visit.
    We have a lady who cleans up and I always bark when she comes, but I like her anyway, and she gives me a cookie, just to make sure.
    Your friend,

  18. Dear Sam,
    I’m just now catching up on blogging. I don’t read very well yet so it takes me a long time. I went to church last Sunday! I posted all about it over at my mama’s place. I’m glad that you posted what is rude and what is not. I’m just learning about those things and I need lots of instruction. You seem like a wise dog and I think I could learn alot from you.
    Your friend, Redford the Boxer Puppy

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