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This is My Day.

Today, I got up early and jingled my collar until my Papa Bear got off his bed in the dark.

Then I went downstairs to snooze on the couch until breakfast.

Breakfast was good. My food comes out of the refrigerator instead of a bag now. I like it! It has carrots and chickens and rice.

I also like banana.

I also like oatmeal.

I never get a whole bowl of it, but my Mama says maybe someday.

After breakfast, my Papa Bear took me for a fast, fast walk, like he was in a hurry. Then he started carrying piles of things outside. My Mama and my Girl put on their coats to go somewhere. They petted me, and said goodbye. My Mama kissed my Papa Bear and looked sad. We all miss Molly, and being sad is part of it.

Then my Papa Bear hugged me and petted me, and he said goodbye, too.

Then I took a nap, but after a while I woke up and nobody was around here except Brown-and-White Cat. (Brown Cat stays upstairs mostly. I'm glad because she hit me with her paw once.)

FINALLY my Mama and my Girl came home. What a relief!!! They took off their fancy clothes and had lunch. Then some of us took naps.

Then we took a walk. They started off fast, but not fast fast like Papa Bear.

We all got tired and went slower. Molly couldn't walk fast anymore, and I need practice for stretching out my legs again.

When we got home, my Mama gave me a cookie. I told her I thought it might be dinner time, but she said "not yet." I disagreed. I told her I disagreed. Then she put on her coat AGAIN and went away AGAIN. But she came back quick and I mentioned that it really seemed like dinner time to me by now.

But she said "not yet."

She petted me, but that is not dinner. I hope you understand.

I heard some teenager boys outside, and I told my Mama, loudly. She said, "thank you for telling me." She is very polite.

I really think it is dinner time now. I am waiting to hear the refrigerator door. I miss my Papa; he never forgets dinner. Or breakfast.

My Mama promises to remember. I hope she does.

Your friend,

10 thoughts on “MY DAY, by SAM”

  1. Oh, Sam. I’m sure your Mama won’t forget your dinner! And though I know you all are missing Molly, I am glad you’re learning to stretch your legs again.
    You’re a good boy.
    Love you!

  2. Dear Sam,
    I tell my people about teenager boys outside too, and also about other funny noises that might be DANGER (but they usually are not). I am sorry about Molly. I hope you got your dinner. I have had mine, and a walk, and now I am resting and waiting for bedtime.
    Your friend,

  3. Sam! We are glad to read you.
    Our Mama and Daddy went away for long times today, too. When they came home they took naps. We nap with them but we bark to let them know when the Mama Kitty wants to come in. We are VERY considerate of that kitty.
    Now we are eating wheat grass that Mama grows in the kitchen window.
    We want to play with you, but not in snow…we might get lost. OK?
    Catch ya later,
    Boudreaux & Josie

  4. Hey, Sam–
    You are a Good Boy, good for warning your people about the Danger Boys. I warned my people about the Danger Chicken today. It was on the porch and that was WRONG, WRONG, WRONG. My people did not understand, but I think you do.
    Must go. My people must be shown where the frisbee is, and I must remind them what to do with it. They are sometimes tiresome.
    Sniff Sniff Bow,
    –Zoe of Tir na nOg Farm

  5. Dear Sam,
    I understand. My mom never thinks it’s dinner when I do. She makes me wait. I really don’t like it when my mom goes away.
    But I like it when you blog.

  6. Hi Sam….I do not think we have met yet but I have heard a lot about you.
    I warn my mom when there is danger in my yard too! Danger like kids on wheely things and cats and flags and cats and once there was a bag blowing across and I warned her about that too! I am all about the warning.
    The cat in the house is okay but not outside cats!
    Did she remember your dinner? I bet so. Your mama seems like she would not forget.
    Sorry to cut this short but I must go bark at the ice maker now.

  7. Good morning Sam,
    I hope you got your dinner last night. We are sorry to be so late in replying to your blog, but our Mama did not tell us about it until this morning, so we couldn’t answer until now.
    You seem like a good dog. Do you like cats? We live inside Mama’s house because she says we live too close to the road to go outside. There are cars on that road and she says they are DANGEROUS! Three of us were stray cats before we found Mama….we used to live outside and we know cars are dangerous. But, we do not think you are dangerous.
    Please blog again; it’s nice to know a dog.
    BJ, Brownie, Libby and Candi

  8. Sam — Scout says she would like to meet you someday! She likes bananas too!
    I hope you got dinner.

  9. Dear Sam,
    I bet you did get your dinner and breakfast. Sometimes I get a little worried about that too, but mama and daddy never forget. I used to warn my mama and daddy about things going on outside, but now I don’t hear stuff the way I used to. Mama says that’s OK. I know she loves me anyway.

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