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On the Bulletin Cover, a Poem

Early in the week, in that over-organized preparation period for an event we could not really prepare for at all, I picked out readings, wrote a liturgy and chose this poem for the cover of tomorrow's bulletin. I have no idea what I meant to say about it, but hope that posting it here will be a help to someone, or to me.


You take a risk
when you invite the Lord

Whether to dine or
talk the afternoon

Away, for always
the unexpected soon

Turns up: a woman
breaks her precious nard,

A sinner does the
task you should assume;

A leper who is
cleansed must show his proof:

Suddenly you see
your very roof removed

And a cripple
clutters up your living room.


There’s no telling
what to expect when Christ

Walks in your
door. The table set for four

Must often be
enlarged and decorum

Thrown to the
wind. It’s His voice that calls them

And it’s no use to
bolt and bar the door:

His kingdom knows
no bounds of roof, or wall or floor.

~Marcella Marie Holloway



7 thoughts on “On the Bulletin Cover, a Poem”

  1. It’s a terrific poem, and very fitting for a worship service. May it be a welcome, healing service.

  2. Thanks for this! It may not work with where you end up going, but it definitely gives me food for thought. Now, how to include poetry without being sucked into the old “3 points and a poem.” Not being very poetry-literate that will be hard for me, but I might just try to figure it out.
    Prayers for you in your mourning!

  3. I wonder who and where you are, and whether you knew Marcella Marie
    Holloway. She was my college English teacher, a tough one at that.
    The wonders of the Internet led me to this site.

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