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Blessing of the Berners

Five years ago, when we were new members of the Bearnaise Sauce Dog Club, I had the opportunity to conduct a Blessing of the Berners at the club's annual meeting. I adapted the liturgy from a book called Animal Rites. Having no idea of the religious affiliations of people in the club, I made the blessing what I thought of as small "u" unitarian. I also wrote a special verse for "All Things Bright and Beautiful" (Cecil F. Alexander) about Bernese Mountain Dogs.

I share the liturgy here and ask for your prayers for Molly, who is not doing well.

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Blessing of the Animals


Welcome and Opening

One: We have come together to
rejoice with God the Creator at the beauty of the Earth and her creatures,
especially our beloved companion animals.

            All: Let
us sing to God a new song: a song for all the creatures of the earth.

            One: Let us
rejoice in the goodness of God shown in the beauty of all things, large

and small.

All: Let us marvel at the little
creatures and the large, who are innocent in God’s sight.


Song                                    “All Things Bright and Beautiful”



All things bright and beautiful,
All creatures great and small,
All things wise and wonderful:
Our dear God made them all.


Each little flower
that opens,
Each little bird that sings,
God made their glowing colors,
God made their tiny wings.




The loving, noble

With coat rust, black
and white,

Is our beloved

Whose spirit brings
us light.




Prayer for Animals in
Need and Those who Care for Them

One: Creator of All, as you blessed
the living creatures at the beginning of the world, we pray that you will now
bless, preserve and heal all creatures who are abused and who suffer terribly
at human hands.  You are the God of
liberation; no cry of pain is unheard in heaven and no injustice escapes your

All: Loving Creator, hear our prayers.

One: Healing and Transforming God,
we also lift up today our beloved creatures who face grave illness and also the
people who love them.  Be present with
these creatures and prepare us all for that final transfiguration when all
suffering shall be transformed into joy and your kingdom shall reign on earth
as in heaven.

All: Loving Creator, hear our

One: Blessing God, who gives
strength to those who struggle and to those who endure; bless us with a
compassionate heart that feels with you the injustice of the world, and help us
to strive towards that peaceable kingdom in which all your creatures shall be
free from pain and live with you for all eternity.

All: Loving Creator, hear our
prayers.  Amen.


Blessing of Individual

            (Please bring your companion/s
forward to be blessed.)

Fellow Creature, friend and
companion, (Name); may God your
Creator bless, defend and keep you, this day and forever.  Amen.


Closing Prayer

One: Gracious One, you have blessed
us with these loving companions.  Thank
you for the great gift they are to our lives. 
Make us as loving as they are; make us as giving as they are; for if we
are then we may join in the beautiful words of Julian of Norwich and surely say

        All: All shall be well, and all
shall be well, and all manner of things
    shall be well.  Amen.

23 thoughts on “Blessing of the Berners”

  1. Prayers continually ascending for sweet Molly, and for sweet you, too.

  2. Prayers for Molly, and for many animal companions who are struggling right now.
    (((Molly and her Mommy)))

  3. Prayers for Molly, her thumb-havers and for gentle peace to reign.
    (((Molly and Songbird and fam)))
    from Deb,
    Tiria, Henry and Polgara

  4. Followed a link over to this beautiful liturgy – many prayers for your beloved Molly…
    (and I ask for return prayers for my dog Pattie who still lives back at my parents home – if the Lord does not see fit to call her on home soon, we will be making the big decision within the next couple of weeks, because a brain tumor at her age is just not something that is even treatable, and so I am praying that if it be His will, He would take this decision away from us, and let her pass in peace.)

  5. Prayers for Molly, from me and the WonderMutt.
    And thanks for posting the Blessing of the animals as well…beautiful!

  6. Prayers for Molly, your beloved companion, your family, and all those other beloved companions and families in need today.

  7. Prayers, hugs, and good thoughts for all of you. And extra strength for Molly in particular.

  8. Add Doggie Lily and me to the long list of people and pets praying for Miss Molly and all of her people.

  9. Hi.
    My hooman bean told me Molly has been not feeling good. I am purring get well thoughts for her. Henry too.
    The Shadow Princess.

  10. Long time lurker, first time commenter. Prayers for you and Molly and all who love her.

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