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At the Duck Pond

At the Duck Pond 002
Sunday afternoon we took the dogs over to Evergreen Cemetery, to the duck pond. As you might imagine, the ducks have sensibly flown south for the winter, the pond is mostly frozen over, and snow is as high as an elephant's eye, almost. But the duck pond, even snow-covered, is a source of fascinating fragrances, and so we went.

I somehow convinced both of my camera-shy family members to pose with Molly, since we're on a photographic roll.

At the Duck Pond 013
Sam, who has a habit of walking up to the camera or walking right away from it, is harder to catch, unless of course he's anticipating cookies.

And he deserved them after a quick trot around the pond with Pure Luck.

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  1. Very attractive family.
    I’m not much for outdoor winter activities, so I admire the fact that you didd this.

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