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Processing Food

I need a new food processor, and it does not need to do the mixer type stuff, since that part of my old Braun works fine.

I need something that will make rice and chicken, cooked for a dog, into a consistency that will not lead to rice grains all over the oriental rug in the dining room (which is where Sam eats.) None of the special kibbles work for his sensitive tummy, so we are changing to a cooked diet, probably for the rest of his life. I'd like to be able to cook twice a week, but this is a BIG DOG. He eats 5 or 6 cups of food a day. So I need a good food processor but don't want to spend a fortune.

We're going to start with chicken and rice, then later add a vegetable (carrots or maybe even sweet potatoes), fish oil and vitamins, in case you're wondering.

All advice appreciated.

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  1. We’re going to start with chicken and rice, then later add a vegetable (carrots or maybe even sweet potatoes), fish oil and vitamins,
    Apart from the fish oil and vitamins that sounds like making baby food at home. But of course `1 year olds don’t eat anywhere near that much so the hand powered food mill worked fine for us

  2. no idea…don’t use ’em…but I am sure someone does and will have good ideas!

  3. Last year for Mother’s Day I requested and got a KitchenAid 12 cup food processor…it comes with two smaller workbowls and can also slice and shred. It wasn’t cheap tho. (I don’t remember the price) I use it mostly for Fenway’s chicken. Before that I was cutting it up by hand. We invested in a small freezer (might actually save us money because we stock up on chicken when it’s on sale), lge pot for cooking and individual meal storage containers and do big batches…a week or two at a time. I usually make the chicken fine so I’m not sure about chicken and rice on the carpet. Of course Fenway tends to be a slow, neat, nibbler.
    We mix the cooked chicken with bonemeal, box it, freeze and then thaw it and add vegetables at serving time. Fenway highly recommends broccoli as well as alfalfa or broccoli sprouts…oh and a mashed sardine now and then. Yum. Of course mom says, “Yuck” to the stinky sardine.

  4. It looks like Amazon has the 12 cup kitchenaid mixer refurbished for $139.95. Don’t know how you feel about buying one refurbished, of course, but if the seller’s rating is good…it’s still spendy, but it’s better than $199.
    Of course, with the shipping, it’s not that great a discount.

  5. Our dog has been on home-cooked food for over 2 years now…we cook up a big batch most weekends and freeze some. A good food processor definitely helps…the one chartreuseova mentioned was $169 at

  6. A friend of mine put her Bichon Frise on a vegetarian diet of cooked food like this and the dog became profoundly anemic and ill. Her vet told her to add beef as well as chicken in the mix.
    That’s a lot of food to be fixing for your dog! You are an wonderful dog mom.

  7. Cuisinart! They last forever. If you have one of those 20% off coupons for BBB they’re about $80. Of course, the downside is they have two speeds: ON and OFF.

  8. I love my KitchenAid processor. I’ve had it now for — well, it’s more than 5 years and probably less than 10, but I don’t know. My only complaint is that it’s heavy which is good, and bad. If you can leave it out on your counter it won’t be a problem, but if you ahve to store it in an undercounter cabinet, it’s heavy!

  9. Does he like pumpkin? Sweet potatoes make Amie rather, well, smelly, but pumpkin is good for her digestion.

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