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Today’s To-do

To Sum Up Today's To-Do, as of 8:26 p.m.

The Key: Green = Done!     Yellow = Incomplete    Fuschia = As soon as Heroes comes on!

1. Resolve coffee emergency by purchasing beans and a tall, nonfat, no whip mocha
2. Move laundry along; also deliver dry cleaning, admitting to a maple syrup spill on cashmere
3. Consider blocking pieces of LP's Christmas sweater.
4. Realize Christmas was a while ago.
5. Try not to think about it, or about sweater-block-a-phobia.
6. Contemplate Lent and use of drama in worship services
7. Read lectionary passages for Sunday; look back and see what I thought of them the last two times.
8. Remember sitting in a colleague's study with preacher group six years ago wondering about the authority of Presidents and generally feeling awful about the impending Iraq war.
9. Microrave the mocha and drink some more.
10. Take a vitamin pill. I'm bad about this. Trying to turn over a new leaf.
11. Finish reading "The Audacity of Hope." — I read some, but not all.
12. Answer emails. (Of course, there may be more.)
13. Take Interim Minister profile to Conference Office; hope I get my next job before my background check expires in April (new one would cost $140).
14. Redesign congregational lists used by Deacons for ministry of care and concern and communication.
15. Pick LP up from school. (Also drive her to school, but I did that already. It's really icy here.)
16. Recycle almost all the mail; why do we get so much nonsense every single day?
17. Go to the grocery store with Pure Luck along as muscle.
18. Check in on the world, whether I like it or not.
19. Massage Molly's elbow.
20. Share a banana with Sam.
21. Remember a few more passwords I lost in the Great Hard Drive Wipe of Ought-Nine. Try to figure them out, for Pete's sake.
22. Feel grateful that #1 Son has a temp job for the entire month of February.
23. Wonder if Snowman ever turned in the proper forms for his audition trip to UT (Austin) and CIM (Cleveland) this weekend.
24. Try to clean up frozen cat barf from the ice on the front steps–it proved immovable.
25. Do a little more work on the sock I had to frog yesterday after discovering I had cast on 48 stitches instead of the 56 that are in the first sock.


18 thoughts on “Today’s To-do”

  1. I have a list like that!
    On it are many things I really, really, really wish I had gotten done last week.
    I don’t have any frozen cat barf though. Nice job!

  2. UT Austin trip, YAY!!!!!!!!
    After he sees how not snowy it is there, I hope he’ll be sold! 🙂
    courage! keep at it!

  3. In Ted Loder’s “Guerrillas of Grace” there’s a prayer for various sorts of folk, including “all list-makers.” I’ve always appreciated that prayer! We’re close enough to the end of our building project that we can make up a punch list of remaining tasks, which feels strangely more manageable than any daily to-do list, just now. I applaud your strike-through-itness!

  4. The cat barf may be easier to deal with now than in the spring when things start to melt.
    Just sayin….
    You’ve had a productive day!

  5. The cat barf may be easier to deal with now than in the spring when things start to melt.
    Just sayin….
    You’ve had a productive day!

  6. Wow, you’ve been WAY more productive than me today!
    I started Audacity of Hope before the election but didn’t finish it. I just finished a book this afternoon so I should work on AoH again.

  7. Songbird, I’m really interested in your interim ministry calling. Do you do fixed term contracts and do you have to move around with that or do they take into account your location. Here in Scotland we have lots of parishes recognised as needing interim ministry but a real shortage of interim ministers. They are a breed apart. You’ve always impressed me – now I’m more impressed than ever.:)

  8. Liz, I do a contract of a fixed length (usually a year at minimum for most interims), with the possibility of extension if necessary or desirable. It’s unusual to stay more than 18 months unless there are very special circumstances, and in that case you usually know going in that it will be longer. I’m geographically tied, so I have to hope something within a reasonable drive will be a fit when the current job ends!

  9. That is quite a lot accomplished for one day!
    I sometimes get sweater block-a-phobia too. In fact, I have the pieces of a vest that need to be blocked, but I’m not going to get to it today.
    Are you liking Audacity of Hope? I bought it a year ago, but never read it.

  10. Mine was: 21. Remember a few more passwords I lost in the Menopause memory Wipe of Ought-Nine happening daily…write things down!.

  11. Ooo, I love the colors. That has to give you a great sense of accomplishment!!
    I’m working on some wrist warmers too, but a simpler pattern than yours. I loved what you did, but I have never done cables before…and I needed to do something that I really thought I could/would finish! This pattern has a buttonhole in it for the thumb, a new concept for moi, so WE SHALL SEE!

  12. It’s a nicer word for “unravel.” “Unravel” makes us weep.
    Someone took care of the cat barf, so that’s off the list. And sadly I spent hours on the RevGalBlogPals blogroll and did not knit at all last night. Maybe this evening!

  13. I am impressed! As Kievas said, you’re way more productive than I.
    As far as #25, this is why I’ve started knitting two socks at once, via magic loop knitting. I’m still on my first pair, since my hound ate the first version, including snapping the cable on my brand new circular needles, but it’s the first time EVER that my socks are turning out the same size! Instructions are free on the knitpicks website.

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