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The Super Bowl, by Guest Blogger SAM

Dear People Who Read My Mama's Blog,

This is Sam.

My mama and I are watching the commercials and the football. Molly says we are Wrooting for the Steelers, because their guy who throws the ball lives with a Bearnaise Sauce Dog, like us. His name is Hercules. (The dog, not the man.)

Hercules lives with another dog, named Zeus, who is a Rottweiler. They are good dogs, too. We have a friend named Bryce who is a Rotti mix. We go with him in Louise's van to the dog park every Thursday morning.

The guy who throws the ball cares about dogs who work with the police. You can read about it, if you want to; I think it's a good story.

My Papa doesn't care about football. My Mama says her daddy used to watch it, and she liked watching it with him. This year she's watching for the commercials. Also because she heard Mr. President Obama say he's Wrooting for the Steelers, too.

I hope you enjoy the game. Our team is winning, so far.

Your friend,

8 thoughts on “The Super Bowl, by Guest Blogger SAM”

  1. I am glad you blogged, Sam! Onkel Hankie Pants is watching the football, but Rusty and I just came back from our evening walk. I liked the picture of the man with his two nice dogs.

  2. Dear Sam. I hope you enjoy the game. However, I am wrooting for the Cardinals. We southwesterners have to stick together! And I like Kurt Warner.
    I do like the picture. The dogs would be my friends.
    Woof! Your friend, Beatrice

  3. Dear Beatrice,
    Thank you for writing to me! It’s after 9 Eastern Time, and I am usually asleep by now, but they are still playing the game. It says 12 minutes to go, but my mama says that’s not real time. I am confused. I wish they would finish now.
    Your friend,

  4. Sam, Dubby, the Bearnaise Sauce Mountain Cat, is thrilled~!
    Glad to hear from you!

  5. Josie and Boudreaux and I were for the Steelers. Ken was for the Cardinals. I think a pattern is developing…
    I love that picture, Sam! We were glad to see that man having such really BIG shoulders, so he had a place to put ALL of the letters in his really long name!

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